Wrap It Up: Inspiring Equestrian Presents

You’ve found the perfect gift, now it’s time to wrap it! 

Snaffle bit and hoof pick hardware for wrapping gifts

I’m horrible at wrapping presents, those neat and tight corners don’t exist when I wrap. I use too much tape and my bows are uneven. However I did manage to round up a collection of beautifully wrap horse themed presents to inspire you (and me).

Wrap the perfect gift using horse hardware. Above, decorative snaffle bits and foldable hoof pick with twine and burlap looks so good. The wrapping paper itself is Christmas themed, but the equestrian touches are perfect. Everything looks classy, but not over done.

Photo source: Hawk Hill

Cowboy wrapped gift with a horse figurineCowboy wrapping paper looks adorable when tied with a simple ribbon and accented with a gold horse figurine.

Photo source: Pegase Buzz

Red wrapping paper with horse print ribbon, pine and a horseshoe

Keep things festive with bright red paper, pine, horse print ribbon and a horseshoe.

Photo source: The Polohouse

Horse print wrapping paper with a snaffle bit and ribbonWrap a gift with pretty horse print paper and tie a bit on top with ribbon. It can be an old vintage bit or perhaps brand new if your recipient needs a new bit.

Photo source: Equestrian Stylist

Pink horse cut out and pink wrapping paperTraditional colors are great, but you can skip the festive color scheme and throw in a little pink or turquoise.

Photo source: Pegase Buzz

Equestrian wrapped present with halter hardware and a ribbonAnother great ample of hardware being used is this box. Brass halter pieces are held together with ribbon and its accent with a second place ribbon.

Photo source: Hawk Hill

A snaffle bit, ribbon, and berries accent this equestrian present

Festive ribbon, a snaffle bit, and berries decorate this beautiful box.

Photo source: The Chronicle Of The Horse

Are you planning on wrapping any equestrian presents?

Thankful Thursday


We should be thankful for our blessings each and every day, here are some of mine. 

Wedding with a view, Santorini, Greece

My husband.  We’ve been married for a little over a year and have already been through two major moves and lots of changes.  We have a very strong relationship and support each other’s careers and life decisions.  Adam’s my best friend and other half.

Mango the Pom

My favorite furry accessory. Mango is my shadow and my companion all day long.  Since we’ve moved to California the attachment is even greater because Mango gets to go every where.  I love how dog friendly the majority of places in LA are.

Black and White Overo Mare, Rumor

Rumor and Ashley.  While most days I feel extremely disconnected from my old life or riding and having horses, I need to remember my horse is just a coast away.  I’m happy that Rumor and Ashley are learning from each other and that Ashley and I are better friends now.

Succulents, books and Rios of Mercedes Cowboy Boots | Horses & Heels

My work. Blogging full-time keeps my on my toes and I definitely put in over 40 hours a week.  Luckily when you are doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work and I don’t mind the extra hours.  There are so many unhappy people in the world doing  jobs they hate, I always feel fortunate for not being one of them.

Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California

California weather!  I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life and this Thanksgiving I’ll be eating dinner on the beach.  You cannot beat the sunshine, palm trees, and cacti.

I’m also thankful for my family, friends, health, and everything else I have. I was looking for thankful quotes and came across this Wale Ayeni quote.  It’s the perfect reminder to always be thankful.

Wale Ayeni Thankful Quote

What are you thankful for this year?

19 Entertaining Gifts for the Equestrian Hostess


Does your favorite hostess love spending time in the kitchen and the barn? Check out these gift ideas. 

Equestrian Hostess Gifts

It’s almost time for the holiday madness to begin, Thanksgiving is this week and then everyone will be in full Christmas mode! These equestrian hostess gifts are perfect to bring along the next time you’re invited to dinner. Thoughtful and small gifts can be the best kind and I tried to include a variety that won’t break the bank!


  1. Anthropologie Equine Markings dishtowel ($16.00): I have and love these fun horse print towels! I always get compliments on them and they are sure to please any host.
  2. Western Horses Coaster Set ($7.00): Handmade wooden coasters with horse print will add a touch of western charm.
  3. Equestrian Matchbox ($15): A decorative matchbox covered in vintage horse art and accented with copper tape for a polished look.
  4. Kentucky Ale Beer Bottle Candle ($12.95): A homemade soy wax candle made from a recycled beer bottle.
  5. Cranberry Soap ($6.00): On a tight budget? Homemade seasonal soap is a gift that will be appreciated and used.
  6. Cowboy Cheese Picks ($69.00): A great cheese board is made even better with these western cheese picks.
  7. Glitter, Ponies, & Ice Cream Notebook ($14.00): Whimsical, fun, and perfect for the planner and dreamer.
  8. Purple Horse Pattern Throw Pillow ($34.95): Fun and colorful horse print that is perfect for the home or barn.
  9. Burlap Horse Drawing Throw Pillow ($14.99 on sale): This pillow will add instant rustic charm to your space.
  10. “Snaffle” Blank Notecard ($3.00): Chances are if your friend is a hostess, they enjoy thoughtful presents like artistic notecards.
  11. Turquoise Inlay Serving Spoon ($46.00) and Turquoise Inlay Spatula ($46.00): The western foodie will thank you!
  12. Metal Horse Votive Candle Holder ($43.46): Bonus points for buying this and picking out a scented candle to go along.
  13. The Homesick Texan Family Table: Lone Star Cooking from my Kitchen to Yours ($19.99): The perfect cookbook for foodies who enjoy Mexican and Texas cooking.
  14. Equestrian Stainless Steel Flask ($15.99): A classic gift idea.
  15. 2008 Paint Horse Carneros Chardonnay (prices varies) Paint horse wines are perfect for Paint horse lovers or wine drinkers.
  16. Homart Horsehead Brand Matches ($4.00): A perfect little thoughtful gift.
  17. Arthur Court Cowboy Boot Pitcher ($135): Splurge on a nice silver pitcher for your favorite hostess.
  18. Horsing Around Wine Bottle Stopper ($23.00) Bring a bottle of wine and a nice stopper.
  19. Champion and Horseshoe Wine Stoppers ($22.99) Classy and modern wine bottle stoppers.


My Fall Essentials for California


This post brought to you by Burt’s Bees at Target. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Horses & Heels.

Pumpkin spice lip balm, plaid and fall hatsFall is my favorite season; I love the changing of the leaves, the cool and crisp air, apple picking, morning frosts, pumpkins, lots of soup, cool nights and warm days. But wait… that was when I lived in Ohio. I’m experiencing my first fall in Santa Monica and it’s currently 90 degrees in the middle of October as I type.  While I can still indulge in fall favorites, I can’t bundle up and have the same experience I’m used to. But that’s okay, have a list of fall essentials which are getting me in the autumn spirit! This year, I’m giving myself a California fall experience and that’s okay. California Fall Essentials - keep these items on hand for when it doesn't feel like fall

Getting in the spirit with warmer weather:
Pumpkin Spice Everything!

First of all, Pumpkin Spice everything. Pumpkin spice candles, coffee drinks, Oreos, candies, air fresheners, pie and other desserts. I’m really excited that Burt’s Bees limited edition Pumpkin Spice lip balm is now available at Target! You know how much I love Target and I just raved about the equestrian home decor collection online recently. This Burt’s Bees lip balm is a Target exclusive and you can’t shop for it anywhere else. The pumpkin spice lip balm won’t be around forever so hurry and get yours before it’s gone! It’s made with the same 100% natural ingredients of Burt’s Bees products with just a touch of pumpkin spice. It was in store last year and I didn’t get a chance to try it, I made sure to snag some up this time. Keep your lips hydrated this season and bring along the goodness of pumpkin spice everywhere you go. Available Only at Target

Lots of Plaid.

I also like to remind myself it’s fall by including some plaid in my wardrobe. Whether it’s a scarf or a button down shirt, plaid makes me happy. You can wear a plaid scarf at night with a light shirt or plaid shirt dresses are perfect for during the day. Ps. plaid around the home is great too; pillows, throws and/or blankets can make any place feel cozy.

Floppy felt fall hats.

Fall hats are a must, even if you are wearing them with a long or short sleeve dress. Floppy felt hats are everywhere and they are a great autumn essential for any outfit. I have started to become a little bit of a hat hoarder lately and I like it. I feel a DIY post on hat storage coming on soon because I’m running out of room.

Cozy autumn scented candles.

And finally candles, I love to burn fall scents at night since the days are shorter. The spell of a delicious pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, or sugar cookie candle keeps me feeling happy. The nights do cool off to about 60 degrees so a little fire is nice. It’s amazing how a simple scent can change your mood or mindset. Pumpkin spice lip balm, plaid and a fall hatI like to keep a plaid scarf in or tied around my bag and you better believe I swapped out my regular Burt’s Bees lip balm for Pumpkin Spice. Have you tried Burt’s Bees Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm yet? Remember it’s at Target!

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20 Horse Ornaments for Christmas


Deck the halls and Christmas tree with fun horse ornaments!

Charming rustic Christmas decor and a grey horse

Photo by Felix Forest for Home Life.

Decorate your Christmas tree with lots of horse ornaments. No matter what discipline you ride or whether you are a full-time or part-time rider, there is truly something for everyone in this round up. Last year I featured Horse Christmas Ornaments & Decor with plenty of options and was thrilled to see everything is still in stock! Make sure you read that again for even more ornaments!


1. “Talk Derby To Me” ornament – $36.00

Talk Derby Ornament

2. Wooden Horse Ornament – $16.00

Wooden horse ortament

3. Soldier on Tin Horse Ornament – $12.93

Soldier on horse tin ornament4. Caroline’s Treaures Red Horse and Snowflake Ornament – $18.60Carolines Treasures horse and snowflakes ornament5. Best In Show Ornament by MacKenzie-Childs – $88.00Best in show horse ornament6. Chalet de Noel Rocking Horse Ornament – $7.00Chalet de Noel Rocking Horse Ornament7. Carolines Treasures Roping Horse Candy Cane Ornament – $18.60Carolines Treasures roper candy cane ornament8. Set of Two Celadon Ceramic Ornaments – $22.99Set of 2 Blue Winter Horses Celadon Ceramic Ornaments9. Horse and Buggy Ornament – $28.13Horse & Buggy Ornament10. Merry Go Round Horse Ornament – $10.99Merry go round horse11. Horses Ornament by Kitti Salvador – $4.50 Horses Christmas ornament by Salvador Kitti12. “Horses of Winter” Celadon Ceramic Ornaments – $27.99Horses of Winter antiqued ornaments

13. Rocking Horse Ornament – $4.95Rocking horse ornament14. St. Nicholas Square Texas Horse Ornament – $3.49Rust running horses Texas ornament15. Set of Three Rocking Horse Ornaments – $11.97Rocking horse vintage ornament16. Carousel Horse Ornament, Set of Two – $19.98Carousel horse

17. Dala Horses, Set of Three – $42.99Dala horses, set of three18. Goldtone Carousel Horse – $6.99Goldtone carousel horse19. Metal Horses Ornaments, Set of Four – $23.96Metal horse ornaments20. Braided Logo Derby Darlings Ornament – $36.00

Braided Logo Ornament

   Do you have a favorite place for finding ornaments?


5 Ways to Add Western Decor at Home


Western decor doesn’t have to complicated, simple pieces can make a big impact. 
An old western saddle hanging on the wall

Do you love western home decor but often find yourself struggling trying to put a finished room together? Decorating can be a long process, especially if the pieces your really want are out of budget or require time to save up for. Start simple and work your way up to larger pieces, here are five simple ways to add western style to your home.

All photos have been taken at Triple Creek Ranch during my visit last month. Read about My Montana Moments and Triple Creek Ranch Snap Shots in previous posts on the blog. To learn more about Triple Creek Ranch, visit their website >

1. Hang non-traditional items on the wall

Old saddles, chaps, and pieces of tack make wonderful statement pieces. You can find these items at second hand shops or hopefully in your barn or tucked away in a closet. The old saddle (above) was hanging in the Rider’s Roost and immediately caught my eye.

A western rocking chair made entirely of horseshoes

2. Repurpose old items into something new

This horseshoe chair is impressive! If you know a good welder or farrier who can make stuff, now is the time to start collecting horse shoes. Or start looking on Etsy and local places to find someone who sells horseshoe furniture.

Horse bits hanging on the wall

3. Display bits on the wall

Every horse person has a box of bits they are no longer using but refuse to part with. Turn these bits into art and hang them on the wall, you can always take them down later if you need to use them ; )

Fine western art prints

4. Add artwork to your walls

No room is complete without a painting or a few prints.

Metal horse head door knocker

5. Don’t forget the exterior of your home

A horse head door knocker like this or a simple statue outside can set the tone for the interior of your space. 

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