10 Fitness Boots for the Horse & Rider

Equestrian fitness books for the horse and rider

It’s time for a new year and a new you! Naturally health is something on the minds of most people, I thought it would only be appropriate to share some fitness books for the horse and rider. Whether you ride professionally or just for your own sanity, horseback riding is a workout in itself. We know that we aren’t just sitting there.

Challenge yourself and your horse to get back into shape this year. These books are filled with exercises that will improve you, your horse, and riding skills. Drills and exercises are perfect for horses that get bored easily and will help you break your usual routine.

1.  The Rider’s Fitness Program: 74 Exercises & 18 Workouts Specifically Designed for the Equestrian, by Dianna Robin Dennis. This book is loaded with exercises for you to do on the ground and focuses on strengthening muscles commonly used while riding. It even specializes by discipline.

2. The Riding Doctor: A Prescription for Healthy, Balanced, and Beautiful Riding, Now and for Years to Come, by Beth Glosten. This book is perfect for someone who is a little bit older and interested in getting back into riding. It focuses on using proper posture and positioning that will allow you to ride for years without any aches or pain.

3. Fitness Evaluation of the Horse, by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt. This helpful book helps you access a horse’s fitness level, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s a great read for active horse shoppers and any trainer.

4. Equine Fitness: A Program of Exercises and Routines for Your Horse, by Jec Aristotle Ballou. Get your horse into excellent shape no matter how old they are. Exercises are provided with detailed photos and a set of cards for while in the arena.

5. The Rider’s Pain-Free Back: Overcome Chronic Soreness, Injury, and Aging, and Stay in the Saddle for Years to Come, by James Warson and contributor Ami Hendrickson.

6. Yoga for Equestrians: A Path for Achieving Union with Horseback, by Linda Benedik. Learn how to achieve better balance on and off the horse with these positions for equestrians.

7. Horse-Sense Nutrition, by Carl Blake. Learn how to eat better, after all you are what you eat. Harness the power of better nutrition for weight loss.

8. Yoga on Horseback: A Guide to Mounted Yoga Exercises for Riders, by Nicole C. Cuomo. This book focuses on yoga you can do while riding only. Learn how to trust your horse and get a better sense of balance.

9. Rider Fitness: Body and Brain: 180 Anytime, Anywhere Exercises to Enhance Range of Motion, Motor Control, Reaction Time, Flexibility, Balance, and Muscle Memory, by Eckart Meyners. This is for riders who are serious about their performance and realize the importance of their reaction time as well.

10. Fitness for Horses & Rider: Gain More from Your Riding by Improving Your Horse’s Fitness and Condition–And Your Own, by Jane Holderness-Roddam. While the health and fitness of a horse is usually brought to the forefront, it’s very important for the rider to be fit as well.


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One comment on “10 Fitness Boots for the Horse & Rider
  1. Carly Kade says:

    Love your book round ups! This one on equestrian fitness books is spot on and perfect for whipping my horseback riding rear end into shape. Keep up the awesome work. Happy 2017!

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