10 Ways to Dress up Your Walls with Vinyl Decals


Vinyl wall decals never looked so good at home! Saddlebred vinyl wall decals

Vinyl decals have come a long way over the years, I might have cringed at the thought of putting decals on my adult walls back then. I have memories of my childhood room with neon glow in the dark stars and hearts. Fast-forward to the modern world and these decals are a do! Here are 10 options for you.

These saddlebred wall decals are available in a variety of colors and they start with 24 decals in a package. Buy from The Slumber Jack Baby on Etsy > 

Why Vinyl Decals?

– These decals are perfect for renters who can’t put nails in the walls and indecisive decorators who might change their mind in a few years.

– Easy to use! Have you ever tried to wallpaper a whole room or hang an art gallery? Both of these options are beautiful but you might pull your hair out trying.

– Affordable. Most of the time these decals will cost a fraction of the price of new art or wallpaper.

Horse mural vinyl decal

Want a piece of statement art, no nails required? This horse mural from Prime Decal on Etsy is perfect!

Black horse head decal

Try putting a simple design in a corner of near a piece of furniture for a unique statement. Horse head decal available for purchase on Overstock >

Gold horse decals

Gold horse decals are a do! Add a bit of whimsy to any room, other colors available. Purchase from Fairy Dust Decals on Etsy >Equestrian muralThis equestrian mural is on point in a girly room. Available for purchase from PB Teen >

Horse head wall decalThis horse head decal is simple and bold. Available for purchase from Overstock > 

Running horse mural

Oversized art is always impressive. This running horses mural is a decal! Available for purchase from Style A Wall on Etsy > 

Running horse decal

Make a modern impression with this horse decal. Available for purchase from Stickers For All on Etsy > 

Colorful horse art decal

Can you believe a piece this cool is a decal? Available for purchase on Overstock > 

Nursery room horse decalThis sweet and colorful art looks great in a nursery or a little girl’s room. Available for purchase at Oopsy Daisy >


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3 comments on “10 Ways to Dress up Your Walls with Vinyl Decals
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  2. G Woltmann says:

    Gustavo Woltmann loves horseriding. This is a great blog about his favourite past time! – Gustavo Woltmann

  3. Jenn Zeller says:

    These are great! Now, to find out how to put my own art on a vinyl wall decal!

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