20 Horse Ornaments for Christmas


Deck the halls and Christmas tree with fun horse ornaments!

Charming rustic Christmas decor and a grey horse

Photo by Felix Forest for Home Life.

Decorate your Christmas tree with lots of horse ornaments. No matter what discipline you ride or whether you are a full-time or part-time rider, there is truly something for everyone in this round up. Last year I featured Horse Christmas Ornaments & Decor with plenty of options and was thrilled to see everything is still in stock! Make sure you read that again for even more ornaments!


1. “Talk Derby To Me” ornament – $36.00

Talk Derby Ornament

2. Wooden Horse Ornament – $16.00

Wooden horse ortament

3. Soldier on Tin Horse Ornament – $12.93

Soldier on horse tin ornament4. Caroline’s Treaures Red Horse and Snowflake Ornament – $18.60Carolines Treasures horse and snowflakes ornament5. Best In Show Ornament by MacKenzie-Childs – $88.00Best in show horse ornament6. Chalet de Noel Rocking Horse Ornament – $7.00Chalet de Noel Rocking Horse Ornament7. Carolines Treasures Roping Horse Candy Cane Ornament – $18.60Carolines Treasures roper candy cane ornament8. Set of Two Celadon Ceramic Ornaments – $22.99Set of 2 Blue Winter Horses Celadon Ceramic Ornaments9. Horse and Buggy Ornament – $28.13Horse & Buggy Ornament10. Merry Go Round Horse Ornament – $10.99Merry go round horse11. Horses Ornament by Kitti Salvador – $4.50 Horses Christmas ornament by Salvador Kitti12. “Horses of Winter” Celadon Ceramic Ornaments – $27.99Horses of Winter antiqued ornaments

13. Rocking Horse Ornament – $4.95Rocking horse ornament14. St. Nicholas Square Texas Horse Ornament – $3.49Rust running horses Texas ornament15. Set of Three Rocking Horse Ornaments – $11.97Rocking horse vintage ornament16. Carousel Horse Ornament, Set of Two – $19.98Carousel horse

17. Dala Horses, Set of Three – $42.99Dala horses, set of three18. Goldtone Carousel Horse – $6.99Goldtone carousel horse19. Metal Horses Ornaments, Set of Four – $23.96Metal horse ornaments20. Braided Logo Derby Darlings Ornament – $36.00

Braided Logo Ornament

   Do you have a favorite place for finding ornaments?


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