2KGrey: From the Stables to the Streets


 2kGrey is where a love of riding and a passion for fashion come together. 2KGrey denim jeans

Are you looking a new pair of riding jeans? 2KGrey just might be that next pair for you. These riding pants are beautiful enough to wear on a night out but strong enough for everyday riding.

In 2011 Grand Prix rider and entrepreneur Kris Pinto and fashion industry veteran Meryl Ranzer created 2KGrey. The duo made a line of riding pants with style and sophistication that could withstand everyday riding. Professional dressage trainer and rider, Karen Lipp helped advise for the brand and develop attire that was 100% rider friendly with plenty of testing.

2KGrey has been making waves throughout the equestrian industry with their jeans since they offer such stable to street versatility. Gone are the days of wearing your breeches just to the barn. As a rider who constantly mixes equestrian fashion into my daily life, I appreciate riding clothes with plenty of versatility.The Avatar white cotton denim jeans by 2KGrey

The riding jeans are designed to hold up in the saddle and still be slimming and stylish. The pants are machine washable and designed in the USA.

Currently 2kGrey offers riding pants, show jackets, t-shirts and other accessories in their product line. In the next few weeks they will be releasing a new collection of riding jeans(stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway in the future with Horses & Heels).Stylish equestrian 2KGrey denim jeans

2kGrey has an impressive lineup of ambassadors at all levels that appreciate the fit and comfort of the breeches.

“Wearing 2kGrey denim breeches is like putting on your favorite pair of jeans which fit like a glove but with the comfort of yoga pants all while feeling stylish enough to do anything in or out of the barn! On top of that their white breeches are perfect for competitions with the same great look and comfort!”-Marilyn Little, Pan Am Games Gold Medalist

Equestrian style with 2KGrey

Where will your 2KGrey take you? Fashion Avenue with 2KGrey, from the city to the stables2KGrey LogoKeep up with 2KGrey on social media.

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