5 Horseshoe Candle Holders You Need

Make your home cozy with these horseshoe candle holders.

horseshoe round candle holder

I’m always burning candles, especially in the winter. The flicker of a flame in the background while I’m curled up on the couch working after hours is so comforting. I rounded up five of my favorite unique horseshoe candle holders.

Above, horseshoe candle centerpiece from Rod’s. This large piece would look great in front of fire place or on a large dining room table.

horseshoe taper candle holder

The lucky horseshoe candelabra is a smaller piece that would look great purchased in a set of three and displayed in a row.

horseshoe candle holder

This handmade horseshoe candle holder elegantly displays tea lights. It’s made by Wily Black Bird.

horseshoe heart candle holder

I love this singular heart horseshoe candle holder. It’s a great wedding or anniversary from Aslockton Forge.

horseshoe center piece

This horseshoe tequila stave centerpiece is made from the staves of reclaimed tequila barrels. It’s topped with five horseshoes.

If you have a candle obsession like I do it’s also worth checking out 6 Candle Shops for Horse Lovers.

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2 comments on “5 Horseshoe Candle Holders You Need
  1. Lindsey says:

    My husband (who is a welder) is going to have so much fun making these for me! Haha! He did make me some curtain pull backs from horseshoes that I loved! Love how you find great ways to incorporate horses into home design!

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