5 Mint Julep Beauty Products

5 Mint Julep Beauty Products | Horses & Heels

Mint juleps are wonderful in cocktail form, but what about in beauty products? I wanted to share a few items I found in honor of the upcoming Kentucky Derby. From lip balm, to lip scrub and fragrance, Horses & Heels has you covered! I was dividing up my mint plants the other day and it inspired this post, shoppable links are below.

Lush “Mint Julips” Lip Scrub / Stewart & Claire Mint Julep Lip Scrub /  Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque / Demeter Fragrance Library Mint Julep Spray /  Mint Julep Lip Butter by Soap and Paper Factory

Ps. if you are intrigued by smelling like a mint julep you might also be interested in more horse related scents from Demeter featured in Equestrian Scents for Every Day.

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One comment on “5 Mint Julep Beauty Products
  1. Maria at Sugar and Spice Ranch says:

    I’ve tried the Queen Helena Mint Julep Masque and it works really well. ~M

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