6 Colorful Cowhide Rugs

Colorful Cowhide Rugs | Horses & Heels

My love affair with cowhide rugs and cowhide continues… While I lived in NYC I was convinced I would buy a rug for the kitchen but I never had the time. Now here in Santa Monica, I am currently living in an unfurnished apartment with an air mattress until my stuff comes from New York. I day dream about decorating this place all the time and let me tell you, there is a perfect spot here for a new rug.

All I know is it is going to be a very non traditional rug, something bold, something fun. Here are my current inspirations from Pinterest.

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Black-and-Tan-Cowhide-RugsA solid black rug makes a big statement but so does a tan rug with a little gold metallic acid wash.

Colorful-Cowhide-RugsYellow and pink are just about as bold as they come.

Zebra-Striped-Cowhide-RugsZebra stripes also intrigue me.


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3 comments on “6 Colorful Cowhide Rugs
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    These all look fabulous. I really like the tan with the bit of gold. Those blue walls look amazing too.

  2. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    Love the black and white zebra one. Oh, the pink one would look so cute in a girls room! Love the different ones….

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