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I’m back…. That’s not a super enthusiastic voice either. I’m going to have a serious case of the Mondays tomorrow. However I am excited to see Tara, Rumor, the other horses & Cody. One of the fun things I did in St. Louis was go to the top of the arch. The above photo is what I took while I was on top.

If tiny spaces freak you out, you will not make it up to the arch. You have to ride in a tiny little cart that moves very slowly all the way to the top. It takes four minutes to get up, three minutes to go down.

A view of the Mississippi River on the other side of the arch. Oh & of course if heights scare you, then you don’t want to go up there either. St. Louis is a very clean city from what I saw though & I can’t wait to share my purchases later with you too.

I just love this photo of the arch, it reminds me of a rainbow. The sun was just starting to go down.

The weather was perfect fall weather too, perfect for wearing my slouchy Gianni boots, jeans & my fall jacket that I picked up from Connie’s Customs while I was at Quarter Horse Congress.

The stairs before you got to the arch. We tried to get the whole arch in the photo but I guess bf would have had to been on a boat in the river to get everything in so it didn’t work. Side note, try running up & down those stairs every day, just think of the killer thighs you would have.

It got some awesome new boots, a ring & a top as from shopping at the Delmar Loop. I will show those soon, but for now I need to catch up on a lot of sleep.

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7 comments on “A View From The Top
  1. Brandy says:

    Love the jacket and boots!! Looks like your trip was great!

  2. amazing sorrounding
    great outfit

    come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
    The Dolls Factory

  3. Sharon says:

    Lovely pictures and what an amazing sight. I am so afraid of heights that I will not be going to the top of the arch. I really like your coat . . .what size? haha I am joking I will not leave my address in the comments 🙂

  4. Abigail says:

    Great view and so picturesque! This sight is really breathtaking! Like the jacket very much!

  5. Fanny says:

    you are so cute and a pretty woman Raquel! beautiful pictures!

  6. vanesa Díaz says:

    Amazing picks!!


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