Affordable Turquoise Boots + Accessories

turquoise Lucchese boots

I’m guilty of sharing a lot of expensive things on here. When I blog it’s about showcasing some of my favorite items on a wish list. An $800 bag here, $1,000 boots there, and a $500 necklace. Sure sometimes those items are within reach for purchasing but maybe not all of them.

This time I’m sharing a must have pair of turquoise boots for under $300 and lots of accessories under $100 (most of them are under $50). So go ahead and treat yourself to some new accessories for spring.

These stunning Lucchese turquoise boots are from Allen’s Boots. They are made with vibrant turquoise leather and accented with a leather feather. I pulled some silver, gold, and neutral accessories to go with these boots.

affordable spring accessories

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3 comments on “Affordable Turquoise Boots + Accessories
  1. Deborah Greene says:

    The purse feature for $55, who is the maker or what website can you go to get more information regarding this item?

    • Raquel says:

      Hi Deborah, if you click on the purse it takes you directly to it. I tried sending you an email with the link but I got a bounce back.

  2. Scharlotte Naron says:

    Do you have a Catalog ???

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