Rios of Mercedes “Barbie” Cowboy Boots


Rios of Mercedes pink & black cowboy boots


These boots had me at the word “Barbie”. I’m not kidding either… these gorgeous boots are Chocolate Stingray Rios of Mercedes with Barbie Pebble Kidskin tops. I found them at Pard’s Western Store  while I was procrastinating about some of my Christmas shopping, yikes. I only have two people left to do, family to visit, grocery shopping, a bunch of emails to catch up on & I need to be packed & ready to leave for upstate New York on Wednesday. Good luck to me. But back to the boot, I love the fact that this is Chocolate colored stingray, you see black so often that it’s always refreshing to see it in other colors.

The boot features a Milan toe & Roper heel, you have a hint of teal piping going up the shaft of the boot & the outside. & obviously I love the pink tops & would definitely be tucking my jeans in if I had these.

I have to run though, I’m one peppermint mocha into my day & I don’t even like coffee… Stay tuned because on Wednesday I have a feeling things are going to get Rowdy on the blog, Rowdy Maui style of course : )

What do you think about these boots?

Photo from  Pards online

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4 comments on “Rios of Mercedes “Barbie” Cowboy Boots
  1. jamie says:

    gasp! now those are some kickass boots! i just showed my baby sister these shoes and she screamed in excitement, haha. i hope you had a good weekend raquel 🙂

    love, jamie

  2. laurel says:

    OMGosh I want these. I really want a pair of Rios, the pink the teal the EVERTHING is great

  3. tracy says:

    Those boots are amazing. I think they are quite possibly my favorite boots you have posted. I love them. Beautiful black sparkle. *sigh*

  4. Juh Pignaton says:

    I was really in love with these! I wanted so much to find here in Brazil so beautiful boots! = (

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