Beautiful Boots: Purple Edition

Black and purple floral Lucchese and Old Gringo cowboy bootsShades of violet, purple and lavender oh my! Last week I stopped in at Space Cowboy Boots, located on Mulberry Street in NYC. You can send a girl to the city, but it doesn’t mean there is going to be a shortage of boots in my life anytime soon. I had a little fun photographing the “purple collection”.

Purple and black cowboy boots at Space Cowboy NYCThis collection is made up of all Old Gringo boots and one pair of Lucchese boots. Can anyone guess which boot is Lucchese?

To purchase any of these boots, please visit or give them a call, remember I don’t sell cowboy boots! I say that because you have no idea how many emails I get a day asking how to buy a certain boot… It drives me nuts!

But moving on to prettier things.

Marianne Violet Old Gringo cowboy bootsHave you met the Marianne Violet boots yet? They are stunning.

Bold purple and black cowboy boots at Space Cowboy NYCAlong with being purple and black these boots have a floral trend happening here.

Black and purple floral cowboy bootsSo the next time you find yourself wandering around Manhattan be sure to check out Space Cowboy Boots, you won’t be disappointed with the selection.

Visit Space Cowboy Boots online

Photos by Raquel

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3 comments on “Beautiful Boots: Purple Edition
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    These boots are the most gorgeous I have ever seen!! I’m completely gobsmacked! I have no words!

  2. Jenn Zeller says:

    I’d guess the Luchese boots are the brown/purple ones… But does it really matter? They’re all beautiful!

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