BiSaddular Giveaway

Hey guess what? It’s giveaway time!!! Have you heard of BiSaddular before?

First of all the meaning behind BiSaddular – Not just english riding or western riding, both – aka BiSaddular. The adorable BS Logo stands for “A Bunch of Saddles”. Cute right?

BiSaddular was founded in January of 2011 & offers a variety of colorful & fun apparel & accessories. BiSaddular provides attire for both western & english riders & helps out non profit equine associations. When Kymber Miller & Susan Calvin joined forces, BiSaddular was born & is taking the equestrian industry by storm.

The shield logo tank top in black, it comes in a few other cool colors like pink, white & red.

Horseshoe & star logo t-shirt, cute right?

The latest & the greatest.. Royal Blue which is unisex. If you are more of a t-shirt person than perhaps you would like this & it also comes in purple & fushia.


Now you have seen the products, what’s up for grabs you ask? The winner gets to pick any t-shirt or tank top design that BiSaddular has to offer. To see more photos be sure to visit BiSaddular on Facebook & check out their photo albums.

The contest starts now & will end in one week on August 31, 2011. To enter comment below & tell us how you ride! Bonus entries to those who comment on BiSaddular’s Facebook page & say they entered the Horses & Heels giveaway!


Good Luck!!!

Photo Credits: BiSaddular

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31 comments on “BiSaddular Giveaway
  1. Shannon Rowl says:

    I ride western doing Cowboy Mounted Shooting!! Riding fast and shooting straight!

  2. Hey! Hey! Cute designs! Well…lately I´ve been riding with conviction. I mean business and want me and/or the horse to learn something by the time I unsaddle. I have a green mare that´s gonna be a really nice horse BUT she can be pretty fresh and I´m trying to put some road miles on her, so she´s not so skittish.

    She´s gonna try you the first time you get on her, so I´m prepared and ready to bare down and ride it out. She hasn´t bucked me off yet – not for her lack of trying. Once you get her passed that…she´s GOLDEN.


  3. carole says:

    You have really cute items and I really like them, but I’m umemployed so my money is tight, would love to win a T-shirt of my choose if I’m picked. I know I’ve showed your wesite to my friends and have bought some things from you! they love your stuff. Anyways, have a nice day!

  4. Evon says:

    If I win this awesome giveaway, I will give it to my little sister, who rides barrels in rodeos. She is amazing and would look awesome in one of your shirts.

  5. Hi! Suzie Salmon sent me over. I don’t ride but those t-shirts are way cool!

  6. Bravo Canyon says:

    I mostly get ridden Western, but English is my 2nd language 😉 We do competitive trail riding and are competing in America’s Favorite Trail Horse and <3 BiSaddular!! Check out our Facebook page:


  7. Kim Miller says:

    I ride Western…learning to get my confidence back after a bad fall a couple years ago…but with a little help from my friends and some techniques that I am going to learn from Clinton in October THANKS TO KYMBER @ BiSaddular….WHOOT WHOOT …I AM GOING to get my GROOVE back !!!!!

  8. jane says:

    Learned to ride in an English saddle, jumped and rode hunt seat..then finally owned my first horse who was Western, so did both…still doing both and even in an Icelandic English saddle! Love the swag-

  9. Jessica Jennings says:

    I ride BiSaddular but the best part is iam a riding instructor so I teach children how to ride BiSaddular! (: Love what I do and good at it!

  10. Nikita smith says:

    I ride English and western. I used to do a lot of the hunter/jumper and than switched to reining in the tnrha association. And now I’m training horses in both English and western at a local barn near my house. And my new favorite thing to do on my horse is go hunting off him at my hunting camp in Alabama! Love yall’s stuff btw! I will definitely spread the word bout y’all!

  11. Susan Palmer says:

    Bareback, western, english, anyway, anytime as often as I can! Right now am resigned to a lot of mattress riding…I may have to get my crutches and prop myself up on my saddle in front of the tv….

  12. Ashley says:

    I ride everything but lately sorting and barrel racing 🙂 but guess you know that

  13. Charly says:

    I trail ride western and will do almost anything that is fun and exciting. I like to play so that it is different every time.

  14. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  15. natalie murphy says:

    i started out riding English doing 4h and pony club, hunter jumper, dressage and cross country. then when i was 18 i started riding western and doing gaming and equestrian drill team for the last 9 years. love doing both. drill is like an addiction once you start you cant stop.

  16. Kiaya B. says:

    I have loved B.S. from the start. Bought one of your first T-shirts. 🙂 Started riding from the age of 6yrs. as a B.S. rider, my Tia (aunt) and 4H leaders have taught me well. May I stay B.S. as I keep riding.

  17. Bridget Kurtenbach says:

    I would say I ride Western Dressage – a term I just recently heard. I started out as a h/j and then changed to dressage. It’s really difficult to fit saddles on both of my horses so I ride dressage using an English bridle and Western saddle. I’ve been trail riding more this year too.

  18. Sarah Schmitt says:

    I ride western horsemanship and hunter flat and fences for my college equestrian team! But with my mare we just do flat and fences 🙂

  19. Stacie says:

    I ride Western & compete in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. I tried playing polo for a bit in college, which made me a better rider; however, definitely perfer the western saddle!

    LOVE BS products!!! Awesome designs & logo!

  20. Cindy Sweatman says:

    I ride western………..trail riding!!!!! My horse (Willie) and I have been all over the southeast and have rode many miles with great friends!!!!! Trail riding is a way to see the work of GOD’S hands up close!!!!!

  21. Rachel C says:

    I love your brand, although I don’t ride anymore I did when I was younger, but we had to get rid of the horses due to financial issues.

    The brand is amazing and I wish you luck in the future!

  22. toni darling says:

    I ride western and drive. I really like your designs.

  23. Ashley ODay says:

    I love speed so that makes me a barrel racer!!! Love all the designs!

  24. Jamie Marion says:

    Western, English, Australian! Tri-saddular! We just do some trail riding and ambling, but I would love to start showing! Barrels, stadium jumping, competitive trail, endurance! Really love you guys over at BS, great stuff!

  25. Tara says:

    I try everything!! Reined cowhorse? check! Dressage? check! Hunters/jumpers? Double Check!! Barrels, eventing, Hunter paces, team penning, HUS, Western pleasure and trail riding?? Check Check Checkedy check check!!
    About to buy a pleasure driving outfit too…. why not!! Variety is the spice of life!

  26. Lori Morgan says:

    I not only ride english & western but sidesaddle too!!!

  27. hannah creasman says:

    i ride western the official “cowgirl way” and sidesaddle!!! the 2 best ways to ride!

  28. Keagan Yates says:

    I ride both VIA AQHA, ARHA, APHA, and ApHC. My horses are all-arounder’s, they do everything from showmanship & horsemanship/eq to HUS and the cattle events! Horses are amazing athletes.

  29. morgan harper says:

    I ride to enjoy the outdoors with my horse, Bucky. I always say a horse is a country girls bestfirend! And its true he’s been with me since I was five, I don’t know what I would do without him. My daddy always tells me we are soul mates 🙂
    P.S. I love love love the tank top! Very cute!

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