C4 Belts Review for the Equestrian

Accessorize your outfit with the perfect belt from C4.

equestrian attire with C4 belts

No outfit is truly complete without a belt, especially a riding outfit. If you haven’t checked out C4 Belts yet, you really need to. C4 Belts offers a variety of belts and buckles you can mix and match. Their belts come in a variety of widths including classic and skinny. They have a print to match every personality, especially equestrians. You can find anything from horses to tacos and holiday prints. Personalize your riding outfit everyday with C4. Once you have one belt, you’ll probably find yourself wanting another.

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C4 polo classic blue polo belt

This is the polo blue classic belt I’m wearing. I added the gold chrome buckle to mine. You can get just about any color buckle, including pink.

C4 blue polo belt

One of the best things about these belts are their sizing – you cut them to size so you get a perfect fit. Each belt fits up to a 44 inch waist. Once your belt and buckle arrives just lift the clasp, put on your belt and cut it to fit. Then secure the buckle and you are good to go. C4 belt

These make perfect gifts because you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size. You don’t have to ask what size someone is and take a chance of ruining that surprise. Unless you are asking me what shoe size I am, I have no idea… but my C4 fits my size perfect.

C4 riding socks

Along with belts, C4 also offers a variety of other accessories including riding socks. I’m wearing the heels down socks in black and grey. They are comfortable and just the right thickness for fitting under your boots. You can mix and match belts and socks or purchase some of their sock and belt combinations.

C4 equestrian socks

Keep up with C4 online and on Instagram @c4beltseq.

Belt and buckle provided c/o C4


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