Charleigh’s Cookies

Charleigh's Cookies stack

There are horse treats, &  then there are Charleigh’s Cookies, they belong in two different categories. I was sent Rumor was sent a sample to try for review. Charleigh’s Cookies are made with natural ingredients & I could not get over how amazing they smelled. Rumor is a picky eater & doesn’t always eat treats on the first offering & has been known to stop eating grain for a few days if you put in a new supplement or change something in her feed. There was no hesitation when I offered her Charleigh’s Cookies. 

Pictured above are the original size & XOXOs in bite size. The XOXOs (Hugs & Kisses) are the perfect size for training, small ponies or minis. 

Charleigh's Cookies

Rumor, Paint mare

Our happy taste tester. 

Charleigh's CookiesCookie in hand ready for Rumor. 

Charleigh’s Cookies come in flavors like Essential Swag (original flavor), Southern Swag (made with organic Georgia peaches), Sweetheart Swag (with a dash of organic cinnamon) & XOXOs (original flavor in bit size). You can also sign up to have a supply of cookies shipped to you every month!  

Charleigh's Cookies IngredientsIngredient list. 

Going in for the treat

A sniff & the cookie was history. 

Cordelia started Charleigh’s Cookies (named after her daughter) to teach her about the bond & relationships that can be formed with horses. Don’t you think your horse deserves Charleigh’s Cookies? 

 Charleigh’s Cookies were received c/o for review purposes.


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