It feels like such a Friday today, perhaps because I’m skipping town & will be in New York by this evening to spend Christmas upstate with the bf & his parents. But before I go, I must leave you with a wonderful giveaway from Rowdy Maui. I love Rowdy Maui’s tees, they are fun, funky & memorable. What’s that you say, “All I want for Christmas is my Favorite Rowdy Maui Tee” – That wish will be granted for one lucky reader. Make sure you show Rowdy Maui a lot of love for this great giveaway.

I’m a firm believer in this tee… shoes (& boots) can definitely be life changing.

I’m going to second this one too..

I happen to be a big fan of the Vodka & Mascara tee, it’s my favorite. For more photos to see how I wore mine you can click here.

Now for the simple rules; To enter just leave a comment below telling us what your favorite Rowdy Maui tee is & why. The winner will be chosen based on how creative your answer is. The winner gets their favorite tee &….

a three pack of koozies as well.

The contest ends on Saturday December 24, 2011.

One entry per person please, get creative & good luck!!!

Photos from Rowdy Maui online

  • Brenda Renee’ Randall

    Love the beer & glitter!!! All your stuff is great glad to have been sent!

  • frances sewell

    i like the tequila one because i just love tequila, and i even have a little worm named “jose” on the top of my left boobie hee hee anyway that shirt just so fits little ole me, hope i win and thanks for the chance

  • Liz

    My favorite would have to be either “theres nothing whiskey and rhinestones can’t fix” or “theres nothing beer and glitter cant fix”. being a tomboy and a pageant girl and a lover of beer and whiskey both tees definitely fit my personality and mood most days.

  • Dena Maddison

    I love all the Rowdy Maui tees..It is truly hard to pick on because they all speak to me!!! There’s nothing Vodka and Mascara can’t fix might be one of my faves…Vodka is just awesome water!!!

  • Brittany Phillips

    I adore the ‘Reel Trophy Wife’ Tee…my husband and I travel to Rockport at least 3 times a year to fish at Goose Island State Park…he has been trying to get me that shirt for at least a year now, every time we go down, either Kacie isn’t there or she’s out of my tee! 🙁 My hubby loves that tee (so do I) cause I sit on that fishing pier ALL DANG NIGHT and never catch anything! But I’m always such a good sport about the wind whippin my hair around! Lmbo, thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas!

  • Catherine Dosher

    Vodka and mascara shirt- I want to try you merchandise looks delicious

  • I have to say my favorite Rowdy Maui tee the “Whiskey & Rhinestones” tee. They’re 2 of my favorite things! I love to drink some Jack, and if it’s in my room, and it sits still long enough…Rhinestones will be glued to it!

  • Gwynn Roach

    I absolutely love the bullets and bait t shirt, I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time… My two favorite things! The only thing that could make it better would be if it said bullets, bait and bling 😉

  • Wendi Sandsness

    HI!!! My faverite shirt is ” there is nothing vodka and mascara cant fix” !!! describes me perfectly!!! but most of all i love all the shirts!! they are so stinking cute!!!

  • Brittney

    My favorite is “be a dear and buy me a beer” because ever since i saw that its been my new favorite phrase and whats better than wearing it on a shirt? 🙂

  • Brittney

    And i’m interested to see how many people would actually be a deer and BUY ME A BEER! 🙂

  • Seanna

    My fave is the Cinderella shirt! I am a shoe-a-holic and my husband is too! He loves to surprise me with a great new pair of shoes! The taller the better! I lovingly refer to my faves as “hooker” shoes! And they go with EVERYTHING!

  • Whittany

    I love the”home is where you hook up tee!” it cracks me up and I absolutely love it!! I love all their stuff and y’alls stuff is super cute too!!!

  • stella

    i would have to say “cinderella is proof a pair of shoes can change your life”. i absofreaklutely love that shirt. i love shoes and seriously a pair of shoes can change you mood. i can go from casual mom in a pair of flip flops with my jeans then quickly put on my high heeled boots and i’m sexy mom!!

  • Casey Leigh

    I definitely need the beer and glitter tee!! It’s hands DOWN my favorite, and I start every morning brushing my teeth with beer & sprinkling on a whole bunch of glitter! Woohoo!

  • Kara Seymore

    Favorite tee: If you’re in love with a texas girl raise your standards… let’s face it. Anything else is down right 2nd place when it comes to a beer drinking, backroading, hell of a good time Texas girl 😀

  • Nadine Braxton

    I love the “If it ain’t fried I ain’t eatin it!’ Baseball tee! I love the style and I’m a southern fried country kinda girl!!!

  • Gail Stewart

    My favorite is ” I’m just a deer stand and Beer cans kinda girl”..THE SAYING SAYS IT ALL…

  • Pam Grimmett

    All I can say is, it is a T-Shirt that says it all! It more than just a ‘tude’ it’s a way of life, up here in the last stop of the Pacific NW in Idaho!! Sometimes a girl just has to put it out there!

  • Amanda Budd

    I vote for “If you don’t like rhinestones you can’t be my friend!”
    I fell in love with this shirt when I saw Ali Dee from Texas Women wearing it!
    I love me some rhinestones and I think this is the perfect shirt to ‘BLING in the new year!!’

  • Amy Brown

    I love the BLUE JEANS HONKY TONK QUEEN shirt, well because most of the time that my attire lately lol ;0 !!!!

  • Stacie

    I LOVE the “There’s nothing tequila & hairspray can’t fix.” Totally describes me, you know I’m from TEXAS & we like BIG HAIR here….so hairspray is a daily essential. And good tequila makes a mean margarita for us Texas cowgirls down here near the border!!

  • Susan Waters

    I love the tequila and hairspray tee but my favorite is actually the TEXAS GIRL koozie!!!! The tee for me (I get a little wild on tequila!!!) and the koozie for my husband who gives me a hard time about being from Arkansas even though I’ve been in Texas 30 years!!! I feel i”m an honorary TEXAN!!! You have some great stuff!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas in New York!!! How could you not….

  • Jordan Brown

    I love the Cinderella shirt – since shoes can be such a life changer…Cinderella’s must have been Rowdy Maui’s! They must be able to grant wishes for us modern girls!

  • Johnna

    Well I think I should win cuz that’s my niece in the pic and basically she gets her good looks from me!!!! Aint that right Casey?!?!
    If it ain’t fried…..!!!

  • Brandy

    There’s nothing that Tequila and Hairspray can’t fix, me, pick me!! I’d love to win the Rowdy Maui giveaway!!

  • My choice has got to be the “If you don’t like rhinestones you can’t be my friend” tee. I am the ultimate girly girl. If it sparkles, has glitter, or contains rhinestones I love it. Furthermore, I would absolutely style my tee in a similar way as the girl in the first picture, with a frilly poufy skirt and tons of accessories. The tee reminds me of that Brad Paisely music video where Little Jimmy Dickens says “Chicks dig rhinestones.” So true at least for this girl.

  • Amanda Register

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “There is nothing wine and a flat iron can’t fix” When ever I’m stressed I go for my glass of wine and when I’m not feeling to cute I go for my flat iron, well and than the hair spray to make it big and full of life!!

  • I kinda want one of each, but if I have to choose. I’d go with, “cinderella is proof a pair of shoes can change your life”. Putting on the right pair of kicks can change your day. I have a pair of pink with lime green polka dot heels, I call them my lucky shoes, cuz everytime I wear them…………something good happens!

  • My favorite is the “If you don’t like rhinestones, you can’t be my friend” t-shirt!! I’ve been mocked repeatedly for my love of all things sparkly, from my cell phone to my jeans, to my belts and big fun jewelry. This cowgirl loves her rhinestones and would love a new t-shirt too!!

  • Krista

    What girl hasn’t had a pair of shoes that made them feel confident and invinsible?? Especially a pair of Rowdy Maui’s hand painted beauties. Cinderella isn’t the only one to have a pair of shoes change her life <3

  • Amanda Hubble Russom

    I love the burnout style of ALL the tees!! Perfect for layering!!!

  • tina fisher

    I love all their tees!!! My favorite here is the hair spray & tequila! I can’t make it through the day without hairspray..and I DO like my tequila!!! 😉 I will definitely wear this tee when I go out with my big sexy hair in place and get my tequila drink on!!!!

  • Ashley Anderson

    My favorite is “Blue Jeans HOnkey Tonk Queen” I sing and play guitar and LOVEE that shirt! I think it would fit perfectly with my attitude on stage when singing <3

  • Be a Dear & Get me a Beer IN my new Rowdy Maui beer koozie!!!
    After the beer we’ll move on to Whiskey ’cause there’s nothing Whiskey & Rhinestones can’t fix! 🙂 (I’ve already got that T & I love it!)
    wait….we’d better do the whiskey first….’beer before liquor never sicker!’

  • Kelsey irwin

    All I want for Christmas is the Rhinestone shirt. I am not quite old enough to wear the cute tees that mention alcohol…or at least not in front of my parents! I love to bling it up! Isn’t that the way I am suppose to live?!

  • Kelli

    I love the “if it ain’t fried, I ain’t eating’ it”! I’m pregnant and it is true!!!!

  • Rachel

    I love love love “There’s nothing Whiskey and Rhinestones cant fix!!” Great motto to live by… All these products are super cute!! A nother fav ” Cinderella: Proof that a good pair of shoes (BOOTS) can change your life.”

  • Melissa

    My favorite T-shirt is “There is nothing that Tequila and Hairspray can not fix”. My two favorite things in the whole wide world. In HS they used to called me Medusa Do (because of the abundant use of hairspray). 🙂 Since then I’ve curtailed my use of hairspray but still a huge necessity of my life! All of your t-shirts are adorable and fit so well into a girls life.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Bailey simmons

    My favorite rowdy tee is your only as strong as your hairspray so go big or go home, because the bigger the hair the better :)!

  • Michele Pastore

    Vodka or Tequila either way you win!!

  • JessPynk

    I’d have to pick Miss Rowdy’s House of Ill Repute tee because my Great Aunt always says “Ohhh don’t smoke outside people will think this is a house of ill repute” or “Those shorts are too short…they will think this is a house of ill repute.” So I definitely need to have this shirt to wear to Aunt Flora’s house! lol

  • Tea Clark

    love the pair of shoes that change a life,dats how my roller skates make me feel since i started doing roller derby,the shoes on wheels make me feel invicible n my alter ego,kelly Slaughter takes over 🙂

  • cayleigh wills

    I love the “you’re only as strong as your hair spray” shirt, but if someone else wins, ill show them how strong my kick in their behind is! 🙂 I wanna win! Plus I love me some kacie! (bonus points for kissing up?). Lol. Merry Christmas!

  • Amanda

    I love the Vodka and Mascara shirt, because it’s totally true.

    I’m in college right now, and I don’t know what my roommate and I’d do without our secret stash of vodka- for when we’ve bombed a test or a boy has upset us- to help ease our pain.

    And most of the time I’m too lazy to put on real make up anyways, so a little mascara does the trick. It at least makes me look a little bit more awake, I hope.

    So basically this shirt is my life.

  • kimberley davis

    Well its hard to say with one in particular I like more then the others…..hmmmm. well I really like the “vodka & mascara” t-shirt….and I have the “bait and bullets” t-shirt……and I am always having people ask about it…so I advertise…lol…but my overall favorite is one thats not on here……or I didn’t see…but its the “be a dear and buy me a beer” is my all time favorite!!! And at taxtime I am definately getting it and many more……I wore the “bait and bullets” tshirt to work at the post office (I deliver a rural route, n bfe, dirt roads and lots of deer, and every guy I work with wanted one for their wifes….anyway, live what Rowdy Maui does…..colorful and funny and creative genious!!!!!

  • Katie Hansen

    My FAVORITE is “if you don’t like rhinestones you can’t be my friend. I love anything and everything that glitters or has rhinestones. An I’m teaching it to my 2 yr old daughter who is SUCH a girly girl already. Nothing wrong with starting them young 🙂

  • Whitney Ellis

    My favorite Rowdy tee is the “If Yoy Don’t Like Rhinestones You Can’t Be My Friend” tee! Mainly because everything I own is blinged out, from my Uggs to my fishing pole that I’m getting for Christmas 🙂

  • Halee Cole

    I love the Whiskey and Rhinestones. I rodeo and own a small jewelry business and rhinestones are my thing! Definitely my business motto! 🙂

  • Jayme S.

    All of the Rowdy Maui Tee’s are awesome and different! My favorite tee is ” If you don’t like rhinestones you can’t be my friend.” I love this tee because every girl deserves to sparkle and shine in one way or another, this just being one way to show it in a matter of fact way, which is exactly how I am!

  • My favorite rowdy maui t shirt is the one that says you can save the damsel if she’s not in distress! I like this one best because people often make the mistake of thinking that us ladies can’t take care of ourselves and that we need a man by our side to watch over us and protect us like we are made of porcelain. Any southern woman knows thought that we just have to take care of ourselves sometimes and not depend on others to save us from distress, so wearing this shirt helps show that we are not always as distressed and tougher than others think!

  • Amie Shahan

    I absolutely love the Cinderella tee because it reminds me of both of my baby girls (ages 4 & 2). My oldest daughter dresses up EVERYDAY in her Cinderella costume. My youngest wears the crowns…I would love to have a shirt that matches them and is appropriate for me! This tee shows my girls and me that we can live the fairy tale, with shoes!!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity to win a shirt from the FABULOUS Rowdy Maui!!!!


  • Rebecca B

    I LoVE sooo many of them – it’s really hard to choose! I think it would have to be the Vodka and Mascara tee! Merry Christmas!

  • Jenita Qualm

    I’m a Country girl, born and raise on a small town ranch. I have alwas had a bit of a wild side, but still love living the simple life in the country. MY Favorite RowdyMaui tee is the “I love Booze Shoes and Boys With Tattoos” tee. These truely are my weaknesses. They are all fun but they all also have their side effects. Shoes, you get the bill, Booze, you get a hangover, and Boys with tattoos, you usualy wind up with a broken heart. Even though i know all of these things I still can’t say no to any of them, and continue to ignore the obvious signs that i could possibly be making a bad decision. I’m old enough to know better but still to young to care at this point, and a wise an once told me “you can either be good or have fun” and until i get old and boring im going to live by those words! Pick Me!

  • Nicole Richey

    I Love love Love the wine and a flat iron! Preferably white Zinfandel and my amazingly cute pink and black flat iron! I love Rowdy Maui! Merry Christmas y’all!

  • Raquel

    Contest closed!!! Thank you ladies!!!

    • Melissa

      Contest winner….

      Hi Raquel, Just curious who won the contest for the t-shirt give away?

      Thank you,

      • Raquel

        Hey Melissa – The winner was Brittany Phillips, I posted it on Facebook but I should’ve posted it here too, sorry about that!