Clair Kehrberg Fine Leather Art

I love leather.

I love the look, the texture & of course the smell of leather. Am I the only one who wishes the smell of new leather will never go away? Today I wanted to share the amazing work of Clair Kehrberg Fine Leather Art.

Clair is a hard working & talented artist & designer. She embraces the ranch lifestyle & has a passion for turning plain, untouched leather into gorgeous pieces. If you visit Clair’s website you can see some of her available work & past creations.

Here are some pretty lavender chinks with stunning details. Clair’s horse Butters does a great job showing them off.

Handbags anyone? I’ll take two or three ; )

From belts to saddles, to brief cases, cuffs, bags, chinks & anything else you could dream up of.

To sum it up, you need to check out Clair Kehrberg Fine Leather Art & yes, I love leather.

Photos from Clair Kehrberg Fine Leather Art



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3 comments on “Clair Kehrberg Fine Leather Art
  1. Love good tool work … and of course, the smell of leather ~M

  2. Marti says:

    Clair Kehrberg has a lot of talent, creating this can’t be easy

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