Clutch Crush: Heritage Brand

Heritage Brand Pink Gator ClutchHeritage Brand is well-known for their gorgeous western tack but they do so much more than just tack. As an accessory loving girl, I felt it was necessary to share these pretty clutches. As of last week Heritage Brand has been getting a lot of attention since their “Famous Fifty” sale took the internet by storm. I think Jess handled it beautifully – after all a sale is an added bonus not something that anyone should feel entitled to throwing a fit over if they miss out. 

Heritage Brand Bright clutchMoving on to brighter things is this yellow clutch with fuchsia details. 

Heritage Brand turquoise croc clutchThis distressed turquoise gator clutch is perfect for makeup or carrying under your arm for a date night. 

Heritage Brand Purple Python clutch

Sometimes I feel like purple is the new turquoise, what’s not to love. 

Heritage Brank turquoise & cowhide clutch

And for those of you who enjoy a more traditional look, there is this turquoise & hair on clutch. 

Do you have a favorite? 

Ps. Heritage Brand can create a custom clutch for you so if you don’t see anything you like, just design your own stylish clutch. 

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2 comments on “Clutch Crush: Heritage Brand
  1. paulaewalker says:

    NO, no favorites, I love them all!!

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