Have You Seen Me? Coach Bag Search

Have You Seen Me? Coach Bag SearchI love being a blogger for many reasons. I get all kinds of requests & sometimes I take on the role of becoming a personal shopper to help someone find something unique or they ask to buy something from my closet. I’ve never said goodbye to anything from my closet though…

But now I need your help – I posted this a long, long time ago – my mint green/turquoise Coach bag & I swear, I could have sold this bag 50 times if I wanted to (original appearance here). I’m NOT selling it because I love it to death, but I can’t be the only girl with this bag. Does anyone else have this bag? This was purchased a couple of years ago in the spring time at Coach so it isn’t currently in stores. But if you have this bag & want to sell it… I may just have a few buyers for you!

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5 comments on “Have You Seen Me? Coach Bag Search
  1. Cryzal says:

    I have been searching everywhere for this bag! Any clues as to where I can find one???

  2. Reggie says:

    I’m looking for this too.. Hey how does this site work I’m new

  3. Jenni says:

    I saw this bag on Pinterest a week ago and fell in love with it! I wasn’t very hopeful about finding one after reading the other comments. I looked on eBay and found this exact bag! I received it by mail yesterday!!! So try eBay! It’s called the gallery tote!

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