Horses, dogs, and meditation might not seem like a good pairing to some, but author Pamela Robins says otherwise. Her book Meditating with Animals is a must read for all animal lovers. It helps you connect with your pet at a deeper level – making you think about the ways you interact with your animals on a daily basis.

One of Pamela’s main sources of inspiration is her horse, Tuxedo. You can find bits about Tuxedo sprinkled throughout the pages. As an equestrian, I found Pamela’s approach on interacting with your horse to be refreshing.

The book is accompanied with beautiful photography and words of wisdom. This isn’t the kind of book you read through quickly and put back on the shelf. It encourages appreciation and reflection into your own daily life.

We can learn a lot from animals when we let them be the teachers. Often in life, we demand to be the ones who teach. Sometimes with just need to take a step back and observe.

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