Polyvore: Barrel Racing with Style
Tough Enough to Wear Pink

$400 – doublejsaddlery.com

Pink “Legacy” Front Sport Boots
$66 – wildhorsecolors.com

Turquoise Paisley Bell Boots
$28 – wildhorsecolors.com

$400 – doublejsaddlery.com
It is almost time for the new show seasons to start up again, everyone is starting to think about getting back in the saddle (if you haven’t left already), new  goals & maybe some new tack? One of my biggest pet peeves at barrel races (besides people without common sense or basic horsemanship skills) is mismatched tack or the wrong colors on horses. The worst offense is putting red tack on a sorrel, please don’t do that. Some horses look better in certain colors than others, this pretty Palomino above could look good in just about any color.
Black & White, Vintage Style

$400 – doublejsaddlery.com

$400 – doublejsaddlery.com

“LACE” Legacy Sport Boots
$69 – wildhorsecolors.com

“Lace” Bell Boots
$36 – wildhorsecolors.com
Another great look that is coming back is black tack… I remember when light oil was all the rage, not anymore. Buckskins, duns, Black & White Paints, Bays, & Blue Roans look especially sharp in this color.


Western & Rugged

$270 – doublejsaddlery.com

$350 – doublejsaddlery.com

Professional’s Choice White Ventech Boots 4 Pack: Size Medium VE4M-WH…
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Professional’s Choice Chocolate Ventech Elite Boots Size Medium…
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Professional’s Choice Ballistic White Boots: X-Large BB254 WHI – PFI…
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Are neutral tones more your thing? Try some rich chocolate tones & turquoise. It’s pretty but not too intense for those of you who tend to shy away from bold colors.
These are just a few of many color combinations out there & I hope you enjoyed them. I’m going to work on creating more Polyvore examples & including them in the blog. Polyvore is just like scrap booking but better; no scissors or glue required : )
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9 comments on “Polyvore: Barrel Racing with Style
  1. Sunnie says:

    I totally agree. I hate when people use totally mismatched colors. Or as you stated, the wrong color for their horse. I realize it can be difficult when you ride more then one horse, but why are so many people color blind? I ride a sorrel horse with a much lighter mane and tail. My saddle, after cleaning and conditioning it, is the same color as my horse. My tack set was custom made by Luans Leather (they do incredible work) when I was getting it, the guy there spent two hours on the phone with me while I was on line looking at their website. He made sure that each and every piece of my breast collar and bridle set had everything that I chose. Each buckle, concho, chrystal, hide color, and the leather was exactly what I wanted. My tack set has hide inset that is white with a little red, the conchos are all hunter green. Now I’m in the process of adding a little pink to the combo. I’m having custom stirrups made by Cowhorse Creations. I would like designed sport boots. I’ll have to look around.

    • Raquel says:

      I’m glad you can relate Sunnie & that you actually make sure you don’t break any of those rules : ) I don’t have anything from Luans but there stuff is pretty incredible & I do drool over it from time to time. Your tack set sounds gorgeous & I love Cowhorse Creations too, I just got a pair a couple of weeks ago as an award!

  2. Fanny says:

    The pink one is lovely, my daughter just love it !

  3. Love the pink tack in the first pic but man can I please have the horse in the last one! He/she is gorgeous!!

  4. Stacie says:

    LOVE the last pic with the turquoise & brown. That floral pattern is all over my Double J Purse. I have Double J tack and it is wonderful; it holds up very well and is very stylish (I’m pretty sure my horse thinks so too) 🙂

  5. tracy says:

    So beautiful. All of the tacks are beautiful. I think my favorite would be the black.

  6. mal says:

    i love this please add more! i am such a freak about making sure stuff matches my horse, i get the paint sample sheets from walmart and hold them up to her at each point the color will touch (shes a red dun) when i had time i used to make up all sorts of tack set i wanted right down to the reins and sometimes even the bit if i found a cool one. I cant wait to get the CE lace boots, thinking about pairing them with turqoise bell boots and reins maybe a saddle blanket, love the black and white but gotta have my little pop of bright colors.

    • Raquel says:

      I will definitely keep them coming Mal, thanks so much for your input. I would have never thought about the paint samples lol but a red dun can make colors a bit more tricky but you have plenty of cool colors to work with. The lace Classic Equine boots are so pretty! I just got those for my sister for Christmas : ) Pairing them with turquoise sounds nice!

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