Comfortable & Chic Snaffle Bit Loafers

There is something about a pair of horse bit loafers that adds instant class to your outfit. 

Carrie horse bit loafers

The Carrie loafers by Patricia Green do just that – it’s refreshing to slip into something light and luxurious.  Hello snaffle bit hardware, soft camel suede and ultimate comfort.

I just returned from vacation and a week-long cruise in Alaska, some of you have been asking about photos that I didn’t post.  It’s hard to stay connected when you have no cell service but it was so wonderful to get disconnected.  My husband and his family vacationed together and had to communicate the old-fashioned way; we left notes on each other’s stateroom doors with the time and where we were headed.  My phone was simply an expensive watch and camera with no other purpose.  I need to live like this more often.

Carrie horse bit loafers in camel

But let’s get back to these shoes…

Patricia Green offers footwear collections for women that provide “chic comfort” and I like the sound of that.  Patricia started off making slippers when she couldn’t find a comfortable or fashionable pair for herself. The slippers were often mistaken for shoes and soon the Patricia Green collection became well know for stylish slippers.  Eventually Patricia Green grew and began making shoes with an emphasis on comfort and happy feet.

I’ve been wearing my new shoes for a couple of weeks and love them.  These shoes have been a stylish treat to my feet with plenty support for all of the walking I do.

Snaffle bit loafers and cuffs

Bits and more bits on the steps with my favorite little Pomeranian. 💜 Doesn’t Mango look adorable?  She’s such a little camera ham.

Carrie horse bit loafers in camel, equestrian chic   The Carrie also comes in black and cobalt blue too but a classic brown like camel is timeless. Carrie horse bit loafers in camel, equestrian chic style

Visit Patricia Green online to shop and check out the rest of the collection.

Shoes provided c/o Patricia Green

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    Ooooo I love those!!

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    great post! beautiful pictures!

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