Condition Your Boots with Lord Leather Care

cowboy boots on the shelfIt’s no secret I love my cowboy boots and all things leather. Quality leather can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.  After all, you pay a lot of money for your handbags and boots, so taking care of them is a must. Don’t let your leather get dried out and start cracking, that’s when it can break down. Conditioned leather is happy leather.

cowboy boots on a shelf

If you want to back back to the basics about leather, be sure to read Learning Common Leather Types.

Lord Leather Care conditionerI was recently introduced to Lord Leather Care and used it to condition some of my favorite boots. If you wear your boots out to the barn once in southern California, they come back covered in dust. I usually wipe down my boots with a rag and then condition them before putting them away. Clean boots = happiness.

cowboy boots and Lord Leather CareLord Leather Care is a small family owned business in West Point, Pennsylvania. The formula for Lord’s conditioner was created over 50 years ago. Lord’s conditioner is a non-solvent based leather conditioner that can withstand fire. You can read more on the story behind this reasoning at

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Product c/o Lord Leather Care

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