Coreen Cordova in Denver

Coreen Cordova Pink Horse Pendant

Bright colors, big pieces & hundreds of options. That is exactly what you get from Coreen Cordova & her wonderful pendants & necklaces. If you are not familiar with Coreen’s work, you can check out her website or read the Designer Spotlight feature Horses & Heels did on Coreen a few months ago.

Above are a variety of pink pendants including a pretty mare & foal, perfect for spring. Coreen Cordova Blue PendantsThere were tantalizing blues & shades of turquoise. Coreen Cordova Pink & Purple PendantsPlenty of pretty pinks & shades of purple. Coreen Cordova Pink PendantsCoreen has so many beautiful pieces that it can be overwhelming & hard to pick out a favorite. Coreen Cordova Layered NecklaceThis long & layered necklace is absolutely beautiful. Coreen Cordova Necklace with Bone Colored PendantsBone & creme pieces displayed on a necklace. Coreen Cordova Necklace Layered with Blue Pendants

Beautiful blues. Coreen Cordova Necklace Layered with PendantsMixed blues & red orange pieces. Coreen Cordova Necklace with Heart PendantsPretty hearts on a necklace. Coreen Cordova Necklace with Horse PendantsAnd finally, a horse themed necklace.

To order anything you see above, please visit Coreen’s website.

Read the Designer Spotlight here.

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