Cowboy Boots: Tall & Ready for Fall

Three pairs of dreamy tall cowboy boots for fall.

Storybook Blossom Boots

It’s halfway through July and I’m obsessing over tall boots. I want to savor every minute of left of July and August. However I really am ready for a change in temperature. It’s been a hot summer and it takes out some of the fun in riding for me. On the flip side, it’s probably good that it’s hot here, it’s makes the horses lazy. Fira has been progressing and I’ve been taking her out on the trails when it’s hot out so that works to my advantage.

I want to wear all of these boots. Bring on the cooler temperatures please.

Storybook Blossom Books, $328

Mayan Tall Boots

Mayan Tall Boots, $350

Pressed Blossom Boots

Pressed Blossom Boots, $295

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