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Lets talk about dirt. Cowgirl Dirt cosmetics, that is. You see I’ve actually had a few readers ask me if I’ve ever used the makeup before & I wanted to see what Cowgirl Dirt was all about. So I ordered some samples. I love samples, don’t you?

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All of Cowgirl Dirt’s products are 100% natural & that is a huge plus!!

I tried 5 things; Mineral Foundation in Cremello Six, Mineral Foundation in Champagne Two, eye shadow in Cactus, Rawhide Organic Facial Serum, & Yeehaw Lip Tints in Flicka. It’s awesome to go through the names & color selections because they are all cowgirl & horse related.

The Cactus eye shadow. It’s light weight, it’s shimmery & it does stay in place!

The two foundation shades I tried, honestly I haven’t worn foundation in a long time & I usually put it on for “special occasions” or I wear bronzer or an illuminator for every day. But this foundation was impressive, it stayed in place all day & was natural looking coverage.

The foundations, the eye shadow & the facial serum were my favorite purchases. Have you used Cowgirl Dirt before? What are some of your favorites?

Here I am with Mango & my Cowgirl Dirt face on, it looks el natural : )

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2 comments on “Cowgirl Dirt Cosmetics
  1. Raquel,
    I am so happy you liked the products and I love that you did a review. I am going to send this link to the owners in Montana.

    For the Cowgirl Dirt Team,
    Maria Norcia Santillanes
    Wholesale/Retail Accounts
    Cowgirl Dirt Cosmetics
    email [email protected]

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