Cowhide Rugs: 17 Ways
Cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors, sizes & shapes – it’s no wonder that they fit into a variety of homes & living spaces. I couldn’t help but spend way too much time on Houzz last night browsing through decorated spaces with cowhide. Click any of the photos for more details about the items shown or to see larger images. Let the drooling begin.

Want more cowhide? Check out Cowhide Chairs + Inspiring Spaces.

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Want more cowhide? Check out Cowhide Chairs + Inspiring Spaces.

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10 comments on “Cowhide Rugs: 17 Ways
  1. Amy Witt says:

    Im obsessed with the pink cow hide rug but I love the pink chandelier living room also – It resembles my home the most.

    Loved this post!


    P.S. When are you going to post a wedding/engagement post??

  2. Hi Raquel, I’m working on an article about incorporating cowhide into a variety of decors. I’m a big fan of cowhide, and I love how it’s so versatile and adds a little edginess to otherwise traditional rooms. If you’d like to get on the list for the newsletter here’s the link.

  3. Suzie Salmon says:

    I have them EVERYWHERE 🙂

    They are so versatile and they not only look good…they wear very well!

  4. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    Love the first photo!

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