Crown Leather Close Ups

Kind eyes and an awesome tack setI love taking photos of gorgeous horses in beautiful tack, I’m considering a career in tack photography now. Just kidding, somehow I doubt that would pay the bills but wouldn’t that be nice?

This is my sister’s new tack from Crown Leather & it is stunning. I know your probably thinking my sister buys a lot of stuff (& she does) but this was actually ordered months & months ago! Some of the leather was on backorder so there was a delay.

fuzzy pony noses with Crown Leather tackShe wanted a set that was red & turquoise.

Crown Leather tack is completely customizable to your specifications. I also have a set from Crown Leather & you can see that here.

Palomino Quarter horse with gorgeous tackEncors Lil Trigger aka Topaz always makes a lovely model. There is a matching breastcollar too but I was in the headshot zone : )

Crown Leather headstallI think that is enough photos of Topaz.

kind eyes on the Quarter HorseOkay one more.

I have more photos that I took from this weekend that I will be adding to my Pinterest page over the next few days so be sure to follow along there if you aren’t already.

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2 comments on “Crown Leather Close Ups
  1. I had a hard time paying attention to the tack because I was to busy checking out her horse! What a pretty pretty horsey!

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