Custom Painted Rowdy Maui Cowboy Boots

Say hello to my new gorgeous boots that were hand painted by Kacie at Rowdy Maui. I provided the boots, the design idea & Kacie was the talented artist who brought the idea to life. These boots are adorned with peach roses, my initials on the outside, crosses on the inside & horse shoes & heels on the back side.

The boots totally make the outfit.

Cropped peach blazer, b.b. simon belt, Jade ring from Nepaul & cross cuff c/o Cowgirls Are Forever 

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10 comments on “Custom Painted Rowdy Maui Cowboy Boots
  1. Ok I’m in love with the entire outfit and of course your boots are awesome! What a great idea!

  2. Sharon says:

    How nice. You look really nice from head to toe. How cute is the heel on the back of your boot? Very! She did a really great job on painting your boots. I love that necklace. It is so pretty.

  3. Melissa says:

    Awesome look! Those boots are super neat!

  4. The Farmer's Trophy Wife says:

    GORGEOUS!!! Love it all!! And coral is a fab color on you!

  5. Miriam says:

    Oh, WOW! Those boots are awesome and I love how the boot tabs and your jacket make the outfit pop out!

  6. Marti says:

    That is the perfect outfit for those boots.

  7. Dee Lawrence says:

    I wear sizw 10-11 Width. Is that size available and how much$? Thanks.

    • Raquel says:

      Hi Dee, thank you for admiring my boots! These boots are not for sale, they are a pair that I had custom painted for me by Rowdy Maui. See above for the link to Rowdy Maui, if you provide the boots, they will paint them up for you however you would like & really do a fantastic job! I hope this helps!

  8. paula walker says:

    Oh wow. We doooo have a lot in common!!! Those boots are smashing girl. And I have a pair of Tony Lamas that I’m honing in on, the Womens 3R 16″ Buckaroo Sorrel Bridle Foot that I have singled as one possibility for myself that reminds me of yours! I did check out the Rowdy Maui website too. Wow. The horse shoe and heels on your boots are just too clever! Still have to check the other two sites you mentioned. Geez. Just checking out the few sites I have so far has taken me till now (its 1:16 a.m….as in, in the morning hours). I get side tracked and it takes me hours just to cruise thru 2 or 3 sites! I MUST go to bed eventually. Will save the others for tomorrow. I knew you could turn me on to some sites and boots to check out, just knew it! And I agree with Miriam above, the peach boot tabs and the peach jacket are a super nice subtle touch. I love to pull outfits together with those little, hidden secret gems that you have to almost look for in an outfit. Cool.

    • Raquel says:

      Thank you Paula!!!! You can definitely get lost online shopping, I know it happens to me all the time!!!! I love those boots & they are absolutely one of my signature pieces.

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