It was 32 degrees today & it felt like a heat wave, that is pretty pathetic. In the mean time my horses have just become gorgeous barn ornaments. Same routine everyday – morning feeding, they go outside, they come in the barn, evening feeding, lights out & Repeat. Oh & yes there is the weekly grooming that consists of taking off the blanket, putting the blanket back on, unbraiding her tail, re-braiding her tail.

Rumor is just as sick of this as I am, she always looks at me when I’m leaving as if to say seriously? When are we going riding again, I’m so bored!

Someone please turn the sunshine back on! I believe time off is good for everyone but I am ready to start riding again & looking forward to a new show season with Rumor.

Wishing everyone warm, sunny & “springish” thoughts
  • Alicia Blogs

    Eeek 32 degrees? It's only about 65 here (I live in Tucson, AZ). Either our horses love it or hate it, because they never get out of a day not riding because of the weather ha ha. Unless its rare occasion and rains.

    My mom's mustang is basically our weather predictor. If her coat is all thick, we know it's going to be a cold winter, but if she blows it out early then we know it's going to warm up soon ha ha.

  • Raquel

    I would love 65, gosh you are lucky! Snow is pretty up until December & thats it. It has been in the teens last week, needless to say our horses get a couple of months off

  • Grace

    I feel your pain, summer can't come soon enough!

  • sixthirtythree

    Can you ride in the snow?

  • Raquel

    You can ride in the snow just fine, (its actually a great workout for the horses) but its the freezing temperatures that makes it difficult. Therefore we usually just call it "winter break" & look forward to riding in the spring

  • Amy M

    Hoe you got out and rode in the sun today!