Debunking Common Myths About Cowboy Boots

Brown Carved Leather Cowboy Boots

Are you a cowboy boot junkie? Or do you just love cowboy boots but really don’t know much about them? Let’s learn a thing or two from an expert. I created these simple True or False questions because I hear them all the time – I have worn my cowboy boots in some interesting places and they always get me plenty of compliments but truthfully most people and consumers are very under educated about cowboy boots. Even “real horse people” like myself sometimes shock me when it comes to their general knowledge about boots.

Answering my questions is Steven Kahla, the marketing director at Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean and Olathe Boots. Steven lives in cowboy boots; he’s either working long hours on the road or riding and working with cutting horses so lets just say he knows more about cowboy boots than most of us.


True or False: It’s okay to clean my cowboy boots with soap and water.

False. Regularly clean your boots with a good non-alkaline leather cleaner (like Lexol Leather Cleaner). Use a soft cloth and rinse with water. Remember that saddle soap is soap, and is therefore alkaline. Boot leather needs to have its natural moisture restored often with a good conditioner (like Lexol). Wax is NOT a substitute for conditioner. Never condition boots prior to cleaning. The best way to dry your boots is to walk them dry. They may also be air-dried away from all heat sources.


True or False: My brand new cowboy boots should hurt my feet when I first get them because they need to be broken in first.

False, boots should not hurt your feet, ever. A boot should fit correctly when first put on. The “Break-In” time is not necessary if you purchase a properly fitting boot.


True or False: Cowboy boots can last for years and years.

True, depending on how they are work and that they are used for they can last for several years.


True or False: All cowboy boots are made the same way.

False. Many boots are made by a machine process much like sneakers. Very few boots are still handcrafted for superior quality. Rios of Mercedes, Olathe and Anderson Bean boots are all Made in America from start to finish with all leather construction. Visit their websites for more info on how quality boots are made.


True or False: Cowboy boots are bad for my feet after long hours.

False, again, a boot should fit properly. Therefore, a boot that fits correctly will not hurt your feet.


True or False: Never clean a brand new pair of cowboy boots because it will discolor them.

False, back to the answer about how to care for your boots.


True or False: All leather used on cowboy boots is the same.

False, there are different qualities of hides as well as numerous different animals that the hides come from.


True or False: Cowboy Boot Heels are made from wood.

False. Quality boots will have leather stacked heels like Rios of Mercedes. Many brands use a solid piece of rubber, much like a work boot.

Debunking Common Myths About Cowboy Boots

 Do you have any questions about cowboy boots or things you want to ask?

Photos by Raquel taken at Space Cowboy NYC

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8 comments on “Debunking Common Myths About Cowboy Boots
  1. Susan Friedland-Smith says:

    Even though I’m an English rider, I have kind of thought it would be fun to try to pull off wearing cowboy boots. I had a pair when I worked at a camp one summer and rode Western. I seem to recall they were pretty comfy. Thanks for doing this post! Can you recommend a super comfy brand or ones that would be great “starter” boots. (Without breaking the piggy bank?).

    • Laura says:

      JUSTINS JUSTINS JUSTINS!!!!!! I am a fanatic about these boots. They would be great for a first pair of boots, too. They are great quality and made in the USA. I highly recommend them. For somewhere around $75-100, you can get a shorter pair. My favorites are their Bent Rail Collection. They average about $180-200. Please try them out; you won’t regret it! BTW, love your blog. 🙂

      • Raquel Lynn says:

        I am glad you have had luck with Justin boots Laura! My last pair was about a year or two ago and they gave me blisters after a few hours. Which leads me to believe they didn’t fit properly but either way now they are just pretty closet decorations : )

      • kaththee says:

        Justins are made in China like Ariat.

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      I would suggest looking into a pair of Macie Bean Boots (they are a sister company to Anderson Bean) but the Macie Beans are slightly more affordable because they are made in Mexico and with a machine. Another affordable brand that gets rave reviews on comfort is Lagrange Leather – also Ariat makes a very comfortable western boot but the downside is made in china. Certain Anderson Bean Boots are worth looking into too, they are handmade in Texas and if you get a simple design they are also affordable.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Ariats are super comfy. Order 1/2 size smaller than your normal shoe size. Another favorite of mine are Dan Post boots. Also order 1/2 size smaller than your normal shoe size. These two brands are the only ones I’ve been consistently happy with and I have 7 pairs. Kind of an addict.

  2. Nicki Green says:

    Love this article about my FAVORITE topic!

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