Shopping in St. Louis: Delmar Loop


Oh happy Monday to you! I’m sure you are wondering where are the cowboy boots? I decided to make today’s normal cowboy boot post “footwear friendly”. In St. Louis I visited the Delmar Loop & checked out a lot of really cool boutiques, one of them was Sole and Blues. My new pair of boots is in the above photo, can you guess which ones I picked out?

Can you spy a pair of Old Gringo cowboy boots? I loved the western accents throughout the store & I only found a few things that weren’t quite my taste or that I wouldn’t wear.

Ooo look more Old Gringo boots, all gorgeous & they begged for me to take them home. Which one is your favorite?

& this is why I loved Sole & Blues so much, any store that carries cowboy boots & pumps wins my heart. Suede pumps & peep toes in a variety of fun fall shades were plentiful.

The outside of Sole…. Blues is on the other side.

There it is…

Red & leopard pumps? Yes please. What I have given you is just a little taste of Sole & Blues, they have lots of denim, outerwear, accessories, dresses & so much more. I did also get an adorable coral top there too, but that’s another post. & don’t forget to guess which pair of boots from the top photo that I took home with me.

Now it’s time to go unpack & cuddle with Tara.

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8 comments on “Shopping in St. Louis: Delmar Loop
  1. Sharon says:

    Q1. The gray ones(fourth one from the right).
    Q2. If I were visiting and had to wear a pair of Old Gringo boots, I would choose the blue boot with the brown front.

  2. jamie says:

    third pair from the left! ahh! so adorable!

    raquel, i have missed your posts girl! hope that you are well! i haven’t been blogging ‘cus school and life.. but here i am, hello!!! haha 🙂 take care and have a wonderful week my love!

    xx jamie

  3. Vanilla-Notes from my closet says:

    I think I would quite happily take all of these 🙂 I’m a bit shoe crazed at the moment! ha ha

    Love, vanilla

  4. tracy says:

    These photos are crazy. I especially love the brown and black ones that are the 4th from the left in the top photo. I definitely need more boots in my life.

  5. I´m guessing the gray boot with a heel b/c that would be my pick….although I would be kind of tempted by that interesting pair on the left with the little bit of fringe…

    Definately diggin´ the turquoise gringos.

    Hope the trip was GREAT!


  6. Raquel says:

    Okay… I’m going to share my pick! Surprise everyone thought I would go for the heel but I picked the 3rd one from the left! A flat boot but I’m loving them. I will do an outfit post soon!

  7. Amy Witt says:

    To freakin’ die for!!
    Soo jealous!
    How awesome for you!!!!

    Thank you for the support Raquel.
    You are fabulous!

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