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Longhorn brindle - Marisa | Designer Spotlight: JulieBeth Handbags


JulieBeth Handbags are beautiful and functional. Based in Houston, Texas these bags are all hand-cut and stitched by artisans. The bags are made with top-grain leather and high quality hardware. Pictured above is the popular Longhorn bag in brindle, it’s perfect for matching black or brown.

Beth Younger Purpich is the woman behind the brand, she was nice enough to take the time and answer some questions about the brand and her career so far. JulieBeth Handbags is our latest Designer Spotlight.


A collection of Aspen Bags

Q. Tell us a little bit about your career background before starting JulieBeth Handbags.

Beth – Before JulieBeth I worked in the livestock industry. My family has a century-farm (been in our family for more than 100 years) and I grew up working cattle. I have always loved leather and hide and have always wanted to work with them in a creative way.

Q. Try to describe a typical day of work (if such thing exists) or your routine at JulieBeth.

Beth – In running a small business I oversee all operations, marketing, accounting and design. Every week I have lots of meetings with our manufacturer, mentors, buyers, store owners, strategic partners and most importantly our clients. Depending on the day you can find me doing anything but this is a typical work week M-F:

6:30 am wake-up

7:00 am morning coffee (very important)

7:30 – 9 am morning meetings over coffee (I’ve seen the inside of lots of Houston coffee houses)

9am – noon computer work

Noon – 2 pm lunch meetings

2 – 4 pm shipping and inventory management, meetings

4 – 8 pm dinner meetings, philanthropy events

All Day design and create on notebook paper, napkins and whatever I can find

Q. What is currently your best selling bag?

Beth – The Longhorn.


The Longhorn Bag in Brindle


Q. Is there a bag you are not making right now that you would like to add to your collection?

Beth – More clutches and a Mini Longhorn. I am working on both right now. It should be ready in time for Christmas ordering.

Q. When it comes to western brands and this industry, is there some in particular you really look up to or admire? (This can be a clothing brand, boots, ect, does not have to be handbag related).

Beth – DD Ranch. I love their story, point of view and overall success. They stay true to their heritage and I like that. It’s a brand that is very well-known and for the right reasons. My goal is for JulieBeth to be a brand that people love, experience and help to define, like DD Ranch.


The Longhorn Bag in Auburn


Q. Running a business (or two for that matter) can be one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs, if you could go back five years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Beth – Trust your gut.

Q. And just for fun, what is your favorite brand of cowboy boots?

 Beth – This is the hardest question. I love Lucchese for the classics and Lane Boots for more funky options.


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Photos provided c/o JulieBeth Handbags

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