Designer Spotlight: Kimes Ranch


There’s a new denim in town and things are going to get western. 

Fabulous demin from Kimes Ranch

Matt and Amanda Kimes felt the western world was missing something when it came to riding jeans. They wanted to create American made jeans that fit and flattered in and out of the arena. The birth of the brand, Kimes Ranch checked all of the boxes Amanda and Matt were searching for. The jeans feature a medium high waist for riding but can still make the transition to the street and look fashion forward.

The couple wanted to start a denim line for a while, the timing was never right. Finally when it seemed like the worst time to take a risk, they pursued their dreams and followed through to build the Kimes Ranch brand.

Kimes Ranch Jeans

The longhorn logo comes from the cows on Kimes Ranch. Originally the company was called Longhorn Jean Company, it changed to LJC Apparel, and finally Kimes Ranch. There were plenty of challenges along the way but the brand is right where it needs to be. The name represents the brand and the inspirational couple proudly standing behind it. The jean styles are named after cattle on the ranch – longhorns Betty and Barney each represent a different style.

Kimes Ranch Apparel

Kimes Ranch offers denim for men and women, along with caps and apparel.

Kimes Ranch jeans are perfect for riding

These jeans are perfect for the all American girl who wants a clean, well fitting pair of denim. Stay tuned for an outfit post and more on my thoughts on Kimes as I give them a try next.

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  2. Maria at Sugar and Spice Ranch says:

    I just love the opening video on their website. I think I’m going to buy a pair for myself and see how they are. I like the plain design on the pockets. ~M

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