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SACRED HEART JACKETWith the show season quickly approaching a lot of people are going to start thinking about getting new jackets or might feel a bit of a panic once they realize last year’s show clothes just won’t do. From rodeo to western pleasure; Jess from Rockin’ B Clothing has you covered. I’m showcasing her new designs & doing a fun Q&A so you can get to know your designer even better. I also encourage you to check out the rest of Jess’s site because while I’m only highlighting on her jackets, Rockin’ B offers so much more.




The Sacred Heart show jacket features gorgeous handpainted leather applique, a customizable banner across the upper back, hundreds of Swarovski rhinestones (sizes ss20 and ss12), classic piped “smile” welts, and vintage-style shotgun cuffs. Completely one of a kind, this jacket is fully lined in silky stretch charmeuse for comfort, and has a center front zip.



So gorgeous.

Blanket Stripe Jacket

This is the Blanket Stripe jacket, it’s a brand new design & you are seeing it here first on Horses & Heels.

Blanket Stripe Jacket


Cheerful blanket stripe accented with metallic leather and pink lambskin appliques on the yokes and cuffs. Featuring “smile” welts with pink piping and hand-embroidered arrow tacks; cuffs feature shiny pearl snaps for a true vintage look. Fully lined, 3 button closure.

Blanket Stripe Jacket


Does anyone else think Jess should be on Project Runway? Just look at these details.



Meet the American Sweetheart show jacket, anyone would look amazing doing a grand entry at a rodeo in this!



The American Sweetheart show jacket features gorgeous hand-cut leather applique, hundreds of Swarovski rhinestones (sizes ss20 and ss12), crystal fringe, silver conchos and vintage-style shotgun cuffs. Completely one of a kind, this jacket is fully lined in silky stretch charmeuse for comfort, and has a center front zip.
And now for a little fun Q&A with your designer.

Q. Who is your favorite designer? 

A. I like to joke around that my spirit animals are Nudie Cohn and Miss Rodeo America. I take a lot of inspiration from Nudie’s early work, especially the show clothing he did for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. I’ve had the chance to see some of his work in museums, and the level of detail (and the amount of rhinestones) always blows me away. On the fashion side, I love the work of classic American designer Claire McCardell, she is THE creator of iconic American sportswear in my opinion. Ralph Lauren is also someone I admire greatly, as well as western designers Meredith Lockhart and Jan Faulkner.

Q. Where to you look/go for inspiration? 

A. I’m very blessed to be living and working in a beautiful desert setting near  Los Angeles, California. I take a lot of my color inspiration from nature and the landscape around me. My design development leans heavily on historical research, because I am a big history buff. Ancient cultures fascinate me, and I draw a lot of inspiration from pre-Columbian culture in North and South America as well as ancient Chinese culture. More recent “wild west” historical costume and 20th century ranching culture are also huge influences on my aesthetic! I’m absolutely fascinated by cowgirls from around 1900 through the 1940s, like Tad Lucas – these gals were out busting broncs and competing in rodeo events (even bullriding) alongside men, in some cases doing a much better job of it.

Q. Is there something that you are currently not making that you would like to add to the Rockin’ B collection? 

A. I’d really love to offer a wider selection of blouse options, including feminine western shirts – most of the cool retro shirts out there are not made to fit female curves; most are not made in the US either, and that’s something I’d enjoy working on immensely. I’m doing a lot of research and development on shirts right now, which will be made in the USA, just like everything else I design.

Q. What are your goals for Rockin’ B Clothing in the next year? 

A. I was a painter and illustrator long before entering fashion design school, and I love painting on leather and fabric – boots, suitcases, jackets, bridles, helmets – you name it, I can paint it! I would love to grow my painting and embellishment business, especially doing custom cowboy boots. I specialize in vintage-style pinup girls, realistic flora/fauna, as well as classic tattoo motifs and lettering. I take illustration/design commissions in my spare time, and I’m behind all of Rockin’ B Clothing’s graphic design and web design.

I would also like to see Rockin’ B expand into more brick & mortar stores – I have a great client base online, but it would be great to work with more retail locations. I offer very low minimums for wholesale buyers, and can be fairly flexible for each retailer’s individual needs.

Q. If you could design an outfit or piece for any celebrity who would it be? 

A. Who’s the female version of Marty Stuart or Dwight Yoakam? I pick her! Those guys know how to wear flashy clothes, and I love them for it. I think Miss Rodeo America, Emmylou Harris, Lindi Ortega and The Quebe Sisters would all look pretty darn good in Rockin’ B!

Q. Favorite brand of cowboy boots? 

A. Rocketbuster Boots, all the way. The level of artistry and beautiful leather work blow me away. I follow them closely on Facebook, because they post a lot of “work in progress” photos, and it is SO cool to see each boot come together in their workshop. If I wasn’t running Rockin’ B, I would be down at Rocketbuster begging for a job!

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  1. Jess Snell says:

    Raquel, thank you for this amazing writeup! Anyone interested in these jackets or custom work can contact me via my website or email – thanks again!

  2. LINDA says:

    beautiful them all!

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