Designer Spotlight: Tasha Polizzi

Tasha Polizzi Collections on displayIf you are looking for great upscale western clothing, accessories and decor, look to Tasha Polizzi to set the bar high. I had a chance to meet Tasha and see her beautiful collections while I was in Denver a couple of months ago. I have lots of photos for you and a fun Q&A session with Tasha for you as well.

If you see something you like or are interested in purchasing please visit their website for product details. Tasha Polizzi Red Tunic and AccessoriesI took a lot of photos and it was hard deciding which ones to share with you! Tasha Polizzi Bit BeltsThese snaffle bit belts are great and the belt with leopard print is a favorite of mine. Leopard print makes everything better. Tasha Polizzi Clutch bagBeautiful bags with lots of detail and plenty of color. Tasha Polizzi bagsBut now let’s get into some of the questions!

Q. Some people may not know you previously worked with/for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Banana Republic. What made you decide to branch out & start designing your own collections? 

Tasha – I loved working and learning from all of the above, it was an incredible experience! After moving to the country to raise our two sons, the opportunity arose to start designing my own line, and I couldn’t say no.

Tasha Polizzi collections

Q. Tell us about your favorite colors or patterns you like to work with the most. 

Tasha – I never met a color that I didn’t like, and find vintage inspired patterns speak to my style. There is nothing like a classic tweed jacket, or a wonderful old blanket pattern, that is where my heart is.

Tasha Polizzi Clothing on Display

Q. What is your favorite piece or collection this season? 

Tasha – That is like asking me to choose a favorite child! If I had to choose, I would say that I our equestrian group for Fall 14 is my fav.

Tasha Polizzi leggings in leopard print!

Q. When it comes to designing who do you look up to? 

Tasha – The designers with longevity. Fashion is a very tough industry, and I look up to the survivors, Ralph Lauren in particular. 

Tasha Polizzi bedding

Q. You’ve been in business for almost 15 years, if you could go back 10 years & give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Tasha – I would probably tell myself to buy some apple stock, and put some money on the Seahawks. Seriously though, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you have to run your own race. I would probably tell myself to trust in myself.

Tasha Polizzi pillows

Q. Is there something you are not currently making that you would like to add to the Tasha Polizzi collection? 

Tasha – How about a Tasha Polizzi movie? There are many things I wish we could do, I think that most designers feel the same way.

Tasha Polizzi home decorQ. And just for fun, what is your favorite brand of cowboy boots?  

Tasha – Wow, another tough question! I love boots, and probably own at least two pairs of every brand. My all-time favorite though, are a vintage pair of bright red Acme boots. 

A big thank you goes to Tasha and her son John for making time for Horses Heels and this feature!


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