DIY: Decorative Painted Lids

DIY Painted Lids with Horses

Storing craft or art supplies doesn’t have to be boring & this is the perfect project to help your kids get ready for back to school! I made these decorative jar lids to store some of my glitter. Glitter comes in ugly plastic containers & I can’t display it out in the open on a shelf ; )

Supplies Needed: 

Assorted jars with lids, I always save my jars from food & try to recycle or up cycle them. Smaller jars from minced garlic or pesto works great! 

Paint – you decide what colors & type of finish you would like! I used Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint on the light pink, yellow & blue lids. Then I experimented with enamel paint on the dark pink lid while trying to do a textured effect (not a fan of how it turned out). 

Paint brushes 

Foam horses found here

Paint the lids with whatever color you prefer, allow them to dry & add foam horses to them. The foam horses are adhesive so you just peel the sticker off & place them. For a little extra fun, I turned a couple of my horses into black & white Paints like Rumor. 

Jars of GlitterPretty glitter.

DIY Painted Horse LidsPretty glitter in its new containers. 

DIY Painted Lids with Jars
DIY Painted Horse Lid collection

Get creative & have some fun with it! My next big project is painting & styling a shelf with craft supplies so I’m sure this won’t be the last time you see these jars in action. 

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3 comments on “DIY: Decorative Painted Lids
  1. paulaewalker says:

    What a cute idea! I just started a new project with one of the white or blank Painted Ponies. Its going to be titled ” Paint the Town” and for one of the white spots or areas on the pinto horse will be the Tulsa skyline from downtown Tulsa and I am covering the horse in gold and white microbeads. Don’t know yet how it will turn out. Need to do a prototype first and see how the beads behave on a horse statuette. Stay tuned!! Just got done re-doing one of my kitchen utensil holder “jars” (you know the deal that holds your spatulas and soup spoons and tongs and stuff) that I leave sitting on the kitchen counter painted with finger nail polish, copper wire, and acrylic paint. It was pastel pink before and now is indigo blue, turquoise, and lime green, my kitchen colors. You should try painting with finger nail polish, it is a blast!! With all the vibrant colors available nowdays, it is magic to use!! Waterproof, clear, bright, etc just great!! I repainted a chair white and then went nuts and did like a gypsy type design with the nail polish, wire, and paint pens. Fun!!

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      The beaded horse is a great idea Paula! I would love, love, love to see how that turns out! I know what you mean about turning jars into new projects, it’s so much fun!

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