DIY: Gold Horse Statue


I wanted to share a quick DIY project I did over the weekend – an old Breyer horse became a gold statue for my desk with just a little gold spray paint. Just pick any Breyer you have (especially if you have one that is pretty beat up) & give it a nice coat of gold.  I also have a slight addiction to spray painting stuff but that’s another story. If you don’t have a Breyer horse, any toy horse or plastic figure will work.


I shared this on Instagram last night & just had to share it again. Follow me at – horsesandheels_ on Instagram.


Ps. these photos have been updated since I originally shared this post. 


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8 comments on “DIY: Gold Horse Statue
  1. Darn, that’s a great idea! I need the creative side of my brain to start working again. I think it cut off after middle school, lol.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      Raquel certainly is full of great ideas and novel ones. PS – I dont think your creative side is cut off. I would say just parked with the engine running and it shows itself in its own special way – you are too modest;)

  2. Melissa says:

    Loved this last night and still love it!

  3. Philip Taylor says:

    Raquel – nice idea .. like your statue. Realy works with the gold paintand I think I now know about your paint and glitter obsession lol! I think any visitor to your place needs to be aware they might just leave a little brighter and sparkling than when they arrived #brighthazardlol;)

  4. Philip Taylor says:

    Oh forgot .. yes .. I think your lamp is kind of cool. Looks like a 1950’s or 70’s inspired item – like the cube and patterned shape and colour – very retro! Nice.

  5. Tracy says:

    I think your DIY statute is beautiful.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. Paula Walker says:

    Wow!!! What a grand idea!! And I just happen to have plenty of horse statuets too!! I might end up with the whole shelf being gold at this rate! Can’t wait to give this a whorl! Thanks!!

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