DIY Horse Print Boxes


Take a plain box from blah to beautiful with this easy stamp DIY project. Stamping storage boxes with horse stamps for chic storage

Lately I’ve been the queen of organization; it keeps me sane and makes me happy. I try to organize one area in the apartment every week, that means selling stuff on Craigslist, donating clothes to the thrift store, and getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

These horse print storage boxes are the perfect chic and affordable solutions to my messy and overflowing cupboards. It cost just under $25 to make three boxes, brilliant, right?  The best part is this DIY project only requires three items and just a little creativity.


Plain boxes – I used IKEA TJENA boxes in white, they start at $2 and are a steal of a deal.

Horse stamps – my rearing horse stamp was from Joann Fabrics, the down side is they only sell it in stores.

Black ink 

Horse stamp and black ink for art projects

If you don’t have a Joann Fabric store near you can also find lots of other cool horse stamps online, below are some of my favorites you can shop for on Etsy.

The process for this DIY is so easy – just apply ink to the stamp, stamp, and repeat. Take a couple of test stamps on a piece of paper before you start to stamp your boxes.

Stamping storage boxes with horse stamps

Try twisting and turning your stamps slightly to create an artistic and beautiful look. Don’t be afraid to go over the edges. Think of your storage box like wallpaper or wrapping paper and keep going even if you run out of space.

DIY horse print boxes for the home

Be sure to give your stamps enough time to dry before placing your box on its side or touching the ink. You’ll need to give the ink at least 12 hours to dry. It might appear dry but if you touch it, your hands get stained or you’ll have unfortunate smudge marks.

Office organization is on pointNeutral and organized office space with horse print and cowhide boxesBlack and white horse print boxes and cacti plants

My finished boxes turned out great, these babies are actually going to be going in the cupboard to hold batteries, tools, and miscellaneous stuff but I wanted to snap some photos of them on top of my new desk before they went into hiding.

Be sure to check out my Snaffle Bit Storage Box DIY too, it’s another great way to add equestrian storage to your home.

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6 comments on “DIY Horse Print Boxes
  1. Carly Kade says:

    What an awesome idea! What a steal on the IKEA boxes. So cost effective. This would make a fun Mother’s Day activity for horse lovers to do with their moms this weekend. Thanks as always for the great DIY tips 🙂 Carly from

  2. These are lovely! I remember my mom bought a bunch of those types of horse stamps when I was a kid. I wonder if she still has them around! I’ll have to check!

  3. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    I need one with donkeys!!!

  4. That stamp is gorgeous, I love stamping plain wrapping paper to spice up my gift wrap.

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