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In case you missed this on Facebook yesterday, we picked out a name for the new puppy ~ Mango. I appreciate everyone’s suggestions too, you guys made it even tougher to decide. Mango went on her first walk yesterday & I think she really enjoyed herself.

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Mango still has so much to learn & is probably one of the most adorable dogs ever! (or at least that is what I keep telling her)

For those of you who are wondering about Tara, she is physically well but mentally is still relearning life. Right now we are thinking Tara has developed or may have previously had a thyroid problem. She is obsessed with food, she barks at you constantly when you open the fridge, make her dinner or you eat your own food. We have been giving Tara extra biscuits & food yet she remains thin & hungrily scarfs down her food as if we never feed her. I’ve been looking into different natural supplements for thyroid issues & she also gets Rescue Remedy to calm her down. Do you have any experience with a dog that had or has thyroid problems? I would love your insight.

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I don’t think Tara will ever be herself again but she will always be my baby.

In other news, I have lots of exciting things coming up. I’m doing a makeup post on Friday as requested by Jordan & I will also be guest posting over at Langston’s blog as well. Oh & Sunday I leave for Texas to visit the Anderson Bean boot factory, prepare for another cowboy boot overload! I hope you are having a wonderful week & are enjoying some sunshine : )


Raquel, Mango & Tara!

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  • Ashley @ The North Carolina Cowgirl

    So jealous! Take me with you to Texas! LOL.

  • tracy

    Oh wow, so adorable. Poor little Tara. I truly hope she is okay.

  • Marti

    Regarding Tara I recently started reading your posts so I’m not sure what has transpired with her but my heart goes out to you. Our fur-child had diabetes and I could have given her insulin injections but I didn’t want to make her life miserable because she behaved nornal and happy but 2 months shy of her 15th birthday we had to put her down. We miss her but we rest assured because she seemed very happy and we gave her a lot of love and the best home she could ever have.
    As for Mango – just adorable !!

  • Fanny

    Oh Raquel!!! your puppy is so fluffy and so cuuuuute!! It’s so fun to have a new puppy home isn’t it? But our puppy is growing so fast :-( . The name you have choose is lovely.
    And for Tara , I never heard this kind of behavior :-s . Hope she will be become soon the old Tara again.
    Lot of hugs xxx

  • Sharon

    As cute and fluffy as your sweet baby girl puppy is, I am so sad about Tara. I hope you find the answers you need to make her comfortable. But, I am sure that she is happy just knowing you love her so much.

    • Raquel

      Me too Sharon, the good news is she has started to wag her tail & express some emotion. I don’t think she will be the same ever but as long as she is happy then that is all that matters to me.