Doublehock Spurs
I should have posted this right after When Boring Just Won’t Do, of course your spur straps should sparkle & draw attention but I think spurs are sometimes overlooked & under appreciated. But not anymore thanks to Doublehock Spurs.

You can get awesome looking custom made spurs from scratch, to see all of the options you can find Doublehock Spurs on Facebook. Below are some of my favorites, they showcase the craftsmanship that goes into making each pair.

I really like the flower rowel, & it’s very mild as well. Add your initials or logo for a one of a kind piece. Brian of Doublehock Spurs taught himself to make spurs about three years ago, very impressive.

Along with spurs Doublehock Spurs makes buckles, bits, saddle hardware & western jewelry from scratch. Everything starts with a sketch, some of the albums on Facebook show the process from start to finish.

This pair is pretty awesome too.

I saved my absolute favorite for last, the gun rowels look great! It’s very Roy Rogers I must say. If you are thinking about the holidays, you are too late to get custom orders in but gift certificates are available. Deal of the day – If you happen to be reading this before 10pm on November 15th, all gift certificate purchases are going to be doubled in the amount that you pay! Even if you miss out on the special, browse some of the designs for inspiration & plan what your next pair is going to look like… you know you want to.
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