Need a Drink?

Margaritas anyone? You can find my Just Add Alcohol board here.

I’ve had a rough interesting week. Call me tired, call me cranky, or just call me ready for a drink! Who is with me? If I had just a little bit more time, I would’ve whipped up a fabulous cocktail recipe to share but bar-tending isn’t my strong suite. So I let Pinterest do the creating.

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So many drinks, so many options.

What are your plans tonight? Going out, staying in & better yet, what are you sipping on?

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2 comments on “Need a Drink?
  1. Melissa says:

    Now I want a drink!

  2. Amy_Lou says:

    I had a rough/interesting week, too. I got home last night and didn’t feel like making dinner, so I opened a beer and popped a movie in the DVD player. Some beers and no dinner have left me a tiny bit fuzzy this morning, so I’m sipping on coffee right this minute. Tonight – who knows? 😉

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