An Equestrian Mantle

Equestrian Decor, A styled MantleSometimes the simplest decor details can really bring a room together. This post is featuring the Rustic Bench Candle Holder from Lone Star Western Decor. When you are decorating a mantle you need to have art, flowers, candles and decorative accents. This beautiful Bench Candle Holder really pulled the room together and adds a touch of ambience at night. Equestrian Decor- A styled Mantle with flowers and candlesThe space and mantle belongs to my sister, an old vintage hunt scene print is the main focal point in this space and your eyes drift down to the details below. Fresh flowers can do wonders for a room and the rounded candles are definitely a great touch.

Fresh picked wild flowers on the mantleAn assortment of Brown-Eyed Susans and Queen Anne’s Lace.

Equestrian Decor Styled MantleDisplay Sources: Art – thrifted / Gold Breyer – DIY / Rustic Bench Candle Holder – Lone Star Western Decor /


Candle Holder c/o Lone Star Western Decor

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