Wrap It Up: Inspiring Equestrian Presents

You’ve found the perfect gift, now it’s time to wrap it! 

Snaffle bit and hoof pick hardware for wrapping gifts

I’m horrible at wrapping presents, those neat and tight corners don’t exist when I wrap. I use too much tape and my bows are uneven. However I did manage to round up a collection of beautifully wrap horse themed presents to inspire you (and me).

Wrap the perfect gift using horse hardware. Above, decorative snaffle bits and foldable hoof pick with twine and burlap looks so good. The wrapping paper itself is Christmas themed, but the equestrian touches are perfect. Everything looks classy, but not over done.

Photo source: Hawk Hill

Cowboy wrapped gift with a horse figurineCowboy wrapping paper looks adorable when tied with a simple ribbon and accented with a gold horse figurine.

Photo source: Pegase Buzz

Red wrapping paper with horse print ribbon, pine and a horseshoe

Keep things festive with bright red paper, pine, horse print ribbon and a horseshoe.

Photo source: The Polohouse

Horse print wrapping paper with a snaffle bit and ribbonWrap a gift with pretty horse print paper and tie a bit on top with ribbon. It can be an old vintage bit or perhaps brand new if your recipient needs a new bit.

Photo source: Equestrian Stylist

Pink horse cut out and pink wrapping paperTraditional colors are great, but you can skip the festive color scheme and throw in a little pink or turquoise.

Photo source: Pegase Buzz

Equestrian wrapped present with halter hardware and a ribbonAnother great ample of hardware being used is this box. Brass halter pieces are held together with ribbon and its accent with a second place ribbon.

Photo source: Hawk Hill

A snaffle bit, ribbon, and berries accent this equestrian present

Festive ribbon, a snaffle bit, and berries decorate this beautiful box.

Photo source: The Chronicle Of The Horse

Are you planning on wrapping any equestrian presents?

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