Ready for a quick bit of inspiration? So I found an old, sad & pitiful filing cabinet at Tina’s. It was actually pretty gross & Tina smiled when I asked if I could have it. In fact I don’t even want to put a before photo on my blog because it is so ugly. But you just have to see this…


Ummm ewwwwwwwwww. This poor little thing looked like a goner.

I cleaned it up, sanded down the rough rusty spots & sprayed it down with Rust oleum paint in a pretty turquoise shade. Then I added bits & pieces of ribbons on along the edges & to the front. Then I decided the turquoise color was too bright so I found a lighter blue color & gave my cabinet another coat.


But look at it now! It adds a nice touch to my office & Horses & Heels headquarters.


  • AK

    Loving the H&H headquarters addition!

  • Oh wow! I love what you did. I wish I had the patients to do refinishing. Great job!!!!

    • Thanks Maria, I’m just so proud of the results!

  • Uhh WOW! You did a great job! I would have said toss it out lol.

  • Lizzie

    WOW! You did a great job! I don’t mind the work but my mind doesn’t go that far. I would toss it out.

    • Thanks Lizzie! If I hadn’t seen a DIY project on Pinterest with a file cabinet I might have tossed it.