Favorite Cowhide Pieces from IKEA

Favorite Cowhide Pieces from IKEA | Horses & Heels


I could never tire of decorating the home with cowhide pieces or looking for a good deal on cowhide items! Unless you have been living under a rock you are probably familiar with IKEA. You might also know they have some affordable cowhide rugs, but you might not have seen all of them or this awesome swivel footstool! I just discovered the footstool yesterday and have been lusting over it so I decided I had to share a few cowhide favorites.

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Stockholm Footstool from IKEA

The Stockholm footstool is perfect for a living room, bedroom or office. It swivels and can be used as extra seating. It costs $279.00 which is pretty affordable considering its features. It also is available to order online which is really nice.


Koldby Brown Cowhide from IKEA

The Koldby cowhide rug in brown is super affordable for its size and is priced at $199.00, the only downside is this is only available in stores.


Kornum Cowhide Rugs from IKEA

The Kornum cowhide rugs come in four colors and offer fun patchwork prints for only $169.00. You do have to take a trip to IKEA to get your hands on one though.


Koldby Black Cowhide from IKEA

Here is the Koldby cowhide rug in classic black, also available for $199.00


Do you have any of these fun IKEA favorites?

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