Give Me One Second


One second, that’s all it takes for one thing to go wrong in barrel racing & life.


If you tried to visit Horses & Heels in the past couple of days you might have noticed the blank white screen, white screen of death as I like to call it. The blog was down; I was freaking out big time, my host wasn’t helpful & I was starting the think that the blog wasn’t going to come back at all.

All it takes is one little error to mess up a blog big time. I had tried installing a plugin called wp-ecommerce & it was a total fail, it corrupted some of my files so I had my host do a site restore back six hours & that backfired. Things weren’t looking good but I finally found someone who was much more tech savvy than I am who was able to move my files temporarily & reinstall WordPress back on the blog. The lesson & moral of the story, always back up your blog if you don’t already & don’t count on your host to back it up, have separate back files on your own computer. If I didn’t have these, things could have been ugly.

Needless to say I’m running way behind schedule & that dreadful wp-ecommerce plugin was supposed to be for putting the Horses & Heels tee shirts up on the blog, I’m working on an alternate way & September is going to be packed with great giveaways & wonderful content so get excited!

And lastly if you are wondering about the photo above, it’s one I took a couple of weekends ago of Tina running on Topaz. I’m trying practice taking action shots & want to share more on the blog : )

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11 comments on “Give Me One Second
  1. Phil Taylor says:

    What a nightmare … glad you have restored the blog as well as you are able. Trying to resolve stuff can be tiring as well as you are concentrating, getting square eyes and freaking out on the whole thing. Well done again on getting it back. Tina looks in fine form. Is that a wrist band/strap I can see – hope she is getting better now even after you forced her to drive the other day while you were tapping away on the phone (Poor Tina) ha ha. (Phil blocked !). Only joking .. take care. Hope the week is improving now. Yes work on the action shots- you took a great one here. Best wishes. Phil.

    • Raquel says:

      It certainly was a mess & I definitely needed a computer break once everything was over. That is Tina’s wrist brace, we actually double wrap it in vet wrap when she runs for extra protection. She actually went back to work this week & is getting much better : ) & yes it is about time she drives ; )

  2. Danielle says:

    I use Cart 66 for e-commerce on my business website and love it! Sorry to hear about all the problems you had with your blog. I hate how finicky websites can be at times!

  3. Sharon says:

    Well, I am glad that you found someone to help get your blog back up. I would have cried. I definitely need to back things up especially, before installing new plugins. I can’t wait to see the t- shirts. I am working on a few myself. So, this lesson of yours is not falliing on deaf ears . . .or eyes or would that be blind eyes. You understand? I hope.

  4. Melissa says:

    So glad your blog is back! I bet that was scary.

  5. I’m happy you were able to find the right person to help you. I guess I should take a lesson and start backing up my blog but then I don’t really do any major business events nor e-commerce and I have been truly neglectful of it the past few months.
    I can’t wait to see all the goodies coming up … love the tee-shirts … maybe that will be what I blog about next so I can send some peeps your way.

    • Raquel says:

      I was luck to, I found that guy on craigslist & that was a scary process lol. I can’t wait to share the rest of the tee shirts & I’m working hard to get these online in the next couple of days providing we don’t have anymore major disasters!!!

  6. My blogroll disappeared and I did not notice then saved without blogroll. I am going to have to re-do it. Cannot wait to see your t-shirts!

  7. I hate it. I am not sure what E-Commerce plug in I use, but I can look if you’d like. 🙂

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