Glittery Best Ever Saddle Pads

Glittery Best Ever PadBest Ever Pads have always been known for being practical & stylish at the same time; you can personalize them with just about any option to suite your own tastes. My taste happens to be bright & sparkly. I’m thrilled to introduce the first ever glittery Best Ever Pad. Best Ever has given me a wonderful opportunity to make & show you this pad, we would love to have your feedback. 

Would you rock a glittery Best Ever Saddle Pad? 

If your answer is yes, let us know! The customization options are endless. 

Close Up - Glittery Best Ever Saddle PadI hand painted this pad with red, purple & turquoise glitter. It is completely sealed so glitter won’t end up on you or your horse. While it looks sparkly, these photos can not do it justice or show you how the sun catches the glitter. 

Best Ever Pad hand painted with glitter

 Rumor was kind enough to be a model. Top Best Ever Saddle PadI chose to do three different glitter techniques on each section to show how versatile the glitter can be. If you would like a glittery Best Ever Pad, the options for customization are endless! Where its initials, a classic design, or something wild & free hand like I did, it can be done. 
Corner Glittery Best Ever Saddle PadI chose to do some abstract feathers on the corner plate. Although the zig zag design on top of the pad might be my favorite piece. Side Glittery Best Ever Saddle PadAgain, please tell us your thoughts about the glittery pad!

For ordering & more information please contact Best Ever Pads – [email protected] or call 805.528.8009

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6 comments on “Glittery Best Ever Saddle Pads
  1. Cindy says:

    These are beautiful love them.

  2. Susie says:

    So cool!!

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