These turquoise and brown studded Old Gringo Brass Paola boots make quite the statement! The leather is slightly distressed and the intricate designs makes them both hard and soft at the same time. Edgy yet girly. You can purchase these boots from PFI Western StoreClose up detailing on the toes, these boots have a lot of studs. And from the side. Pretty from every angle right? I absolutely love them but I would love to see a version with the brown and turquoise colors switched. More turquoise and less brown would definitely make a beautiful boots.

Here are a few other accessories that go with the brown and turquoise theme.


  • Jessica

    Turquoise and brown is such a pretty color combination. I also really love the studded detailing.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  • ireland

    Turquoise makes the world a happier place! Fantastic boots.

    • That is so true, more turquoise please!!!

  • Lindsey

    The combo of turquoise & brown is absolutely amazing, and perfect for the transition from winter to spring! I just bought this pair from Sterling Leather:

    I can’t wait to style them! Great post 🙂

    • Great choice Lindsey and have fun wearing your boots! : )

  • khj

    How do we see prices and how to buy them