Gypsy Soule Sparkles & Outshines


WESA was a very busy place for Gypsy Soule, I stopped by to get a few photos & talked to the lovely ladies but they were definitely busy taking orders & keeping up with the demand. Enjoy the photos.

I just love these boots, they are fun & colorful. When you have to put your Gypsy flip flops away just put on a pair of boots instead.

The lighting was a little bit “up in my camera’s face” so to speak but you can definitely still see the awesome details that these crosses with crystals have. Turquoise, pink, brown, green, copper & more, the Gypsies have you covered.

Gypsy Soule is now officially a provider of collegiate gear! Game day flip flops, maybe a new tradition?

So sparkly, they just blind the camera.

Spotted; The horse with plenty of Soule Feathers & a run away gypsy.

These boat style shoes are from a collaboration between Gypsy Soule & Ariat, they are also going to be available in the spring. Lots of very new & exciting things are in the work for Gypsy Soule!

In conclusion, you must add some soule to your wardrobe this year!

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4 comments on “Gypsy Soule Sparkles & Outshines
  1. OMG! I loovvveee the boat shoes. I wear my sperry’s all the time and now to see that Ariat is making some is exciting!!

  2. Fanny says:

    these boots are awesome! this is so cool!

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